Daiana Falfán in the run-up to the second game against Brazil: “We will try to consolidate our idea of ​​the game and continue learning”

The midfielder of the Argentine National Team, Daiana Falfán, analyzed the first friendly duel between Argentina and Brazil in the framework of a new FIFA date. In dialogue with Fémina Fútbol, ​​the current UAI Urquiza player expressed the team’s feelings after the 3-1 loss and gave details of what will be the second clash on Monday against ‘Canarinha’. In addition, he explained that he can contribute to the national team in football and referred to the work of the new coaching staff led by Germán Portanova.

– Fémina Fútbol: Where do you think was the key for Brazil to win against Argentina in the first of the two games?

– Daiana Falfán: We had some imbalances that ended in Brazil’s goals, but I think that in general we grasp the coach’s idea of ​​the game and we will improve our interpretation game by game. We also know that Brazil is a world power, that it has just come from playing the Olympic Games and that they will not forgive our mistakes. We are starting a new process, with other ideas on the pitch, and we still haven’t had much time to work.

– FF: During the game, were you able to feel comfortable on the pitch? In the first half they tried to cut the playing circuits of Brazil and they were able to do it effectively …

– DF: Yes, I think that the game idea we proposed is clear and we try to carry it out in the best possible way. Obviously there are things to adjust and grow from there, but we are on the right track. With the passing of time and training we will be more and more comfortable.

– FF: Despite the defeat, are you satisfied with the result?

– DF: Not compliant. When you put on the National Team shirt, you always want to go out and win, even if it is a friendly match. We are not going to deny the difference with Brazil either, but we are going to work to get closer and closer to our goals and dreams.

– FF: Germán Portanova took over the technical direction of the team two months ago and they are going through the first matches under their cycle, do you feel the difference in the game between the current DT and the previous one? What does he ask of you on the court?

– DF: They are different styles. I know the coach from UAI Urquiza so I know about his way of working. He asks us to work hard on high pressure, all of us running as a team and trying to come out neatly from the bottom. Obviously outside the field the request is what is seen: a united group, sharing the effort and work for this shirt.

– FF: Was it possible to put together a good climate at the group level in these first training sessions?

– DF: Really if. Every time one comes to the national team, they do so with great joy and wanting to reconnect with their teammates. There is a very good mix of youth and experience and it is very good to play with this group.

– FF: Personally, how did you feel on the pitch in the first game and what can you contribute to the national team?

– DF: I felt good. Unfortunately I had to go in because of the blow that Vani (Preininger) suffered, but I think I was able to get into the game quickly. I am always there to contribute what is needed in the middle, predisposition will never be lacking.

– FF: Finally, how do you think the second game against Brazil will be?

– DF: Our idea of ​​the game is not going to change, we are going to try to strengthen it. We hope to correct the mistakes in order to get closer to the result, but the main thing now is to keep learning.

By: Thomas Rouge

Photos: Stefanía León – Argentine Football Association Press (AFA).

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