‘Dali and Gamjatang’ Kim Min-jae X Park Gyu-young, flutter-inducing pollution-free men and women… Extremely attractive

[헤럴드POP=김나율기자]’Dali and Gamjatang’ Kim Min-jae and Park Gyu-young, ‘pollution-free men and women’ to disarm the bedroom are coming. Expectations are rising as the two actors are expected to renew their life characters by equipping them with new charms that have never been shown before.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Dali and Gamjatang’ (played by Eun-hye Sohn, directed by Lee Jeong-seop, produced by Monster Union Corpus Korea, hereinafter ‘moon potato’), which is scheduled to be broadcasted for the first time on the 22nd, has three ‘ignorance-ignorance-no-education’ but one vitality. is an ‘art’ romance in which a man who is ‘cost-effectiveness’ and a woman who is ‘value-for-money’, a man who is born to be Guiti Zhuang, but who is a life nerd, narrows the gap between them through an art gallery.

‘Dali and Gamjatang’ depicts the process of an ignorant man Jin Moo-hak (Kim Min-jae) who only knows money, meets Kim Da-li (Park Gyu-young), a nerd girl who doesn’t know much about the world, and realizes the true beauty. Two men and women who have nothing in common with their growth background, financial resources, academic background, taste, or values, all are polar opposites, and are intertwined as creditors and debtors with the museum in between. Unlike Muhak, it is planned to create a lovely story that understands each other’s lives, changes and grows, and will cause excitement.

Kim Min-jae brings out a charm that has never been shown before through Jinmuhak. Muhak, played by him, is the second son of ‘Don Don F&B’, a company that has grown from a small gamjatang restaurant to a global restaurant company.

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Kim Min-jae immortalizes destruction and realistically depicts Muhak, an ignorant idiot. At the same time, he plans to portray the process of meeting and falling in love with Dali, a person from a different world than himself. In the highlight video released before the first broadcast, Kim Min-jae licked the yogurt lid and robbed his eyes by three-dimensionally expressing the amazing figure of muhak lying on his back to receive money.

In particular, at the production presentation held on the 16th, Kim Min-jae said, “Jin Muhak is really different from my original appearance. Please check it out on the main show,” he said, raising expectations. Kim Min-jae has a foreboding of the birth of a ‘life character’ through his handsome appearance, ‘cave voice’, and the character Muhak, who is equipped with a comical and wild charm that is 180 degrees different from his previous acting.

Park Gyu-young is foretelling the proof of ‘super trend’ through Dali, an elegant woman who does not lose her temper in any moment of crisis. Dali, played by Park Gyu-young, is a visiting researcher at an art museum and the only daughter of a famous Cheongsongga. In addition to art, he is well versed in various fields such as history and philosophy, is fluent in seven languages ​​including English, Japanese, Chinese, French, and Spanish, and is a perfect character with personality. One fatal flaw is that it is a ‘living worm’.

In the highlight video, Park Gyu-young boasts a variety of charms by appearing in a short-cut perm hairstyle that uses 200% of the artistic taste of the museum director Dali, and wearing an eye-catching outfit. In particular, everything seems perfect from the elegant aspect that boasts a calm and neat tone and attitude at any moment, but Dali, who is secretly absurd, raised expectations for the first broadcast by itself.

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At the last production presentation, Park Gyu-young said, “He is a person with a charm of running opposite. It looks fragile, but I wanted to show a solid inner side that overcomes difficulties.” Expectations are high for Park Gyu-young, who will appear as if he was wearing a custom-made suit.

A representative of ‘Dali and Gamjatang’ said, “Dali, who looks rough and ignorant, but looks perfect with attractive martial arts, but is secretly sloppy, wears customized clothes called actors Kim Min-jae and Park Gyu-young, and finds a room. Please look forward to the performances of the two actors who prepared to meet.”

On the other hand, ‘Dali and Gamjatang’ will visit viewers at 9:30 pm on the 22nd (Wednesday).

Photo courtesy of Monster Union, Corpus Korea

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