Damn sharp Bugatti that you can buy too!

No, we’re not kidding. Bugatti is also a fashion brand, but here we are talking about a razor, or a razor, which was created in cooperation between the American company Gillette and the French carmaker Bugatti. But after all, we got used to the house from Aston Martin, the stroller from AMG, so why not a proper blade, right?

Gillette and Bugatti, two very sharp brands. Their joint product is called GilletteLabs and the heated shaver is called Bugatti Special Edition. According to the advertising slogan, shaving shifts “to another dimension”. We can see at first that it is in the traditional French racing color Asia Bleu, which you can have on your Chiron Pur Sport, for example!

On the machine you will find the traditional Bugatti emblem, which is made of an alloy of aluminum and zinc, but it is probably not handmade, such as the traditional logos of the brand. Anodized aluminum and titanium, ie other materials that are inseparable from Bugatti, were used in the production of the machine.

“Bugatti embodies a passion for excellence, performance, revolutionary design and unrivaled quality. And GilletteLabs shares the same values, “said Wiebke Stahl, CEO of Bugatti International. “We are excited to work with the world’s leading skin care company, at Bugatti we pride ourselves on providing the pinnacle of luxury experiences in everything we do, and staying true to our mantra: ‘If it’s comparable, it’s already not Bugatti ‘. “

Well, this is marketing in its purest form, but you know how it is. We are more interested in the fact that it is a razor with five blades, which has another steel blade, which heats up when the button is pressed, and is thus intended to increase the quality and experience of shaving. Supposedly.

The price was not listed, but we know that GilletteLabs will be launched in selected markets this month. So take a look at the drugstore so you can park your first Bugatti in the bathroom.


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