Danuta Martyniuk lost 15 kg. Putting the potatoes with the 2 most fattening items helped

The changed wife of Zenek Martyniuk is not recognized today. She enjoys the transformation, although the reason for losing weight was not very happy.

Zenon Martyniuk and his wife Danuta recently appeared at the “Personality and Success 2022” gala. It’s not hard to notice that the disco-polo king’s wife lost a few pounds. Some time ago, the couple struggled with the scandal caused by Daniel’s son, on which gossip websites and the colorful press wrote.

Danuta even confessed that she had to start using antidepressants. However, it seems that she was dealing with the stress as she watched the bloom at the gala. In addition, as she admitted in “The Breakfast Question,” she has lost a lot of weight in the past few months. How did he do it?

Danuta Martyniuk was delighted at the gala

Zenek Martyniuk’s wife made a real sensation when she appeared with her husband at the “Personality and Success 2022” gala. Internet users quickly noticed that it was definitely thinner than a few months ago. Later, in the “Questions for Breakfast” program, Ms. Danuta admitted that she was actually losing weight for several months and was 15 pounds lighter.

– While I was reading a book, I was able to eat three chocolates (…). From November, it was the end of October, I lost 15 kilos – he said in the PnŚ.

Martyniuk’s wife met with hatred on the Internet

Unfortunately, celebrities and celebrities are exposed to attacks by people who hate the internet every day. Danuta Martyniuk admits that one of the reasons she decided to lose weight is the unpleasant comments on the Internet about her appearance:

– The comments were very unflattering about me … that I look like Zenek’s mother, something like that. I decided that I would undergo a metamorphosis and I think I succeeded – said the singer’s wife.

Exercise and a proper diet allow Danuta Martyniuk to lose weight

Danuta owes her success in losing weight to her diet and exercise, which, she says, she has returned to after a break:

– I remembered once when I was traveling to work from Bielsk Podlaski (…), I was able to do some more exercise at home and I had time for it (…). I also put on these exercises from the internet, for sale. It turned out that Zenek also loved the metamorphosis. She says it is great that I lost weight, that I looked good – there are many Martyniuk.

The daily diet helped mainly by stopping at light breads and sweets, which Danuta loves:

– I limit my food (…), set aside the potatoes, only black bread, and most of all sweets. I could eat a lot of sweets. Cake, chocolate … it was the order of the day for me that I just soaked it.

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