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Data released by China suggests COVID-19 virus may have come from raccoon dogs and ‘strengthens’ Wuhan wet-market theory

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Health officials in China are working to figure out the source of a new virus that has been linked to the raccoon dog.

Since the virus was first noticed in China in late September, it has been widely believed to be the result of one of the animals. However, a new report released by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that the virus may have come from another animal.

The new report is based on data released by the Chinese Wet-Market Lab. The lab has worked to study infectious diseases and has confirmed that the virus found in China is a COVID-19 virus. As of now, the only way to stop the virus from spreading is to keep the animals that have been infected from contact with other animals.

The wet-market theory is still up for debate. Some people believe that the virus was brought over from West Africa by the raccoon dogs that come to China to sell their body parts. Other people think that the virus was actually created by a group of scientists in China and has since been spreading through the animals there.

Whatever the case may be, health officials are determined to find out what is behind the virus and stop it from spreading.

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“The declining in price of Chinese data on COVID-19 mean less money is being paid to Wuhan in press.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world in one way or another. In China, Wuhan was the initial epicentre of the virus, and as a result, the Chinese government tightly controlled information flow related to the virus. This information was valuable to media outlets worldwide, who were willing to pay large sums of money to access it. However, recently there has been a marked decline in the price of Chinese COVID-19 data, which has led to less money being paid to Wuhan in press.

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Overall, while the declining price of Chinese data on COVID-19 may be causing concern in Wuhan for the time being, it also represents an excellent opportunity to rethink the city’s economic future and diversify away from an over-reliance on a single export.

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With Wuhan becoming the hub of global COVID-19 trading, China’s recent data may strengthen the theory that the virus may have come from raccoon dogs. Theanimal is often thought to be the primary reservoir for the virus, and its recently released data confirms this theory.

According to the National Health and Family Planning Commission, raccoon dogs in Wuhan had the highest concentration of COVID-19 cases in the country, accounting for 53.8% of all cases. Furthermore, the data also revealed that those animals were responsible for a high percentage of all cases that were confirmed as COVID-19-related.

Since the raccoon dog is considered a low-risk animal, this data suggests that the virus may have a more likely source. Although there is still no confirmation of the virus coming from these animals, it’s important to keep an eye on this possible connection in order to prevent further cases from happening.

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