DC Films president refutes rumours that Aquaman 2’s role change has nothing to do with domestic violence allegations – WarnerMedia – DC Entertainment

According to Variety, the president of DC Studios said in Depp’s defamation case on Tuesday: “Due to concerns about the chemistry between Amber Heard and star Jason Momoa, they did consider replacing other The actor starred in “Aquaman 2”.


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In fact, Heard ended up starring in the sequel film.

But Heard’s lawyers argued that she nearly lost her job due to Johnny Depp’s domestic violence allegations, and she was ultimately unable to negotiate more compensation, and she claimed $100 million from Depp. compensation.

Warner Bros. DC head Walter Hamada, a witness called by Depp, confirmed that the abuse allegations played no part in the casting of Aquaman 2, and that the reason she nearly missed out on the role is as above Said – the higher ups are not optimistic about the chemistry between her and Jason Momoa.

Hamada said: “They don’t have much chemical reaction when they are together”, and for the film effect, in “Aquaman”, they finally used ‘movie magic’-that is, using the environment and soundtrack to set off the atmosphere of the scene to achieve their goals, With “movie magic”, the production team had to spend more energy on post-production.

“You know it when you see it (that is, on set) – the chemistry doesn’t actually exist.”

When talking about the fact that Hield’s claim was cut, Hamada claimed that her role has not changed much since the “Aquaman” series was released in 2018.

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