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Deadly fire engulfs Philippine ferry as dozens of passengers jump into sea to escape | CNN

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As dozens of passengers jumped into the sea to escape a deadly fire on a Philippine ferry, the vessel was filled with so much smoke and heat that it was difficult to see anything.

The fire quickly engulfed the ferry, trapping dozens of passengers and crew in the Smoking Room. As firefighters tried to can the fire, people were falling from the burning vessel into the raging waters.

Some passengers jumped into the sea, others risks jumping out onto the pier to escape the flames which were so hot that they Burned the skin from their feet.

staffers from the Philippine Coast Guard and Royal Navy were called in to help with the rescue as the ferry rapidly sunk into the Philippine Sea.

As of now, there are reports of at least 48 people dead and over 100 still unaccounted for. The ferry was carrying some 150 people when it went down into the sea; the tragedy is now being regarded as one of the deadliest maritime disasters in recent history.

1. The ferry sinking: What we know so far

On the evening of September 15th, a ferry carrying 120 passengers and crew members sank in the middle of the ocean. The heartbreaking incident took place on a route where several ferries operate on a daily basis. Here’s what we know so far:

  • The ferry had departed from port at 7 pm and was scheduled to arrive at its destination at 9 pm. However, it never made it to its destination.
  • Some fishermen who were in the vicinity saw the ferry capsize, but they couldn’t do much to help because of the rough sea.
  • The authorities were notified about the incident, and a rescue operation was initiated immediately.
  • Three hours later, only a few passengers had been rescued as the rest were still missing.

As the search and rescue operation continues, there are several unanswered questions. What caused the ferry to capsize? Was it overloading, bad weather, or technical issues? Were there any survivors? These questions keep people on the edge of their seats, waiting eagerly for updates.

  • Meanwhile, some families have informed the authorities that their loved ones were on the ferry, and they haven’t been able to contact them since the incident.
  • As the days go by, the hopes of finding survivors are fading, and the possibility of a catastrophe looms over the families of the missing passengers.

We can only hope for the best and pray for the safety of the people affected by this tragedy.

2. The victims: Who are they and what happened

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As dozens of passengers jumped into the water to escape a deadly fire on a Philippine ferry, authorities said at least 14 people were dead.

The fire onboard the ferry is believed to be started by a short circuit as passengers climbed into the boat to escape meals and drinks that had spilled on the engine room.

Papuan Airlines said 46 passengers and six crew members were onboard when the fire broke out.

The ferry, which is bound for Manila from the central Philippines, sank afterfloating about 5 miles off the coast.

The search for those who perished was continuing Saturday with helicopters and boats.

There have been reports of fatalities from other ferries that have sunk in theiceros during the past few months as the Philippines struggles with a particularly destructive typhoon season.

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