Deer without bathing in quail egg olets

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Rumors aka rumors about the health of Russian President Vladimir Put continue to roll. Putin is said to have a history of cancer and other diseases, including Parkinson’s, for which he underwent therapy in deer-free bathing, which is his habit.

Citing Newsweek, apart from bathing blood, Putin is known as a healthy man, loves sports, and does not smoke.

Here are some rumors about Putin’s daily life:

1. The ‘Simple’ regime

In 2014 Ben Yehuda, author Fragile Empire: How Russia fell in love with and out of Vladimir Putin, writing based on interviews that presidents tend to eat a late breakfast described as “substantial” often incorporates a portion of cottage cheese.

But in a newspaper report once owned by the Soviet Communist Party, Pravda, Putin said he liked to eat healthy foods like fish.

In March 2021, Russia’s state news agency, TASS, declared Putin liked food described as “simple” but avoided cooked products, citing an interview with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in the newspaper Argumenty i Fakty .

2. Breakfast quail eggs and cottage cheese omelette

Citing Newsncr, Putin’s breakfast consists of boiled eggs and quail omelets. These eggs come from a special farm called Kirill Farmland. After eggs, we take cottage cheese for breakfast for protein and good fat. As a drink, a glass of juice and coffee is the morning drink.

3. Do not smoke or drink alcohol

Other claims attributed to Peskov are that Putin does not like smoking and that there are not many smokers in the president’s closed circle.

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“The president never agreed to smoke because he advocated a healthy lifestyle,” TASS said in 2019.

They also say Putin does not drink alcohol. Putin usually does not like to drink alcohol, only drinking alcohol on special occasions.

He also called criticism of Russia’s drinking culture and in 2010 made plans to reduce alcohol consumption in Russia by a decade.

Even the World Health Organization nine years later found that Russia, which it said “has long been considered one of the largest drinking countries in the world,” experienced a 43 percent drop in alcohol consumption from 2003 to 2016.

Swim 2 hours for deer-free bathing


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