Dialogues: GT is the Central American country with the highest proportion of donated vaccines

Archive image of the first batch of 150,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine donated by Mexico. Photo: La Hora / José Orozco /

The Dialogues organization published a comparative table between the Central American countries, where it is distinguished that Guatemala is the country in the region with the highest percentage of donated Covid-19 vaccines.

In this update it was determined that more than 60% of vaccines received in the country have been through donations; Three months ago the country reported the same position with 75.39% of donated vaccines.

The Dialogue metric was calculated based on the proportion of vaccines received through donations until October 11, 2021. The national platforms and journalistic media of Central America were consulted for its realization.


The estimate reflects that Guatemala continues to be the country in the region with the highest percentage of donated vaccines: 61.21%. The rest of the countries included in the table have a donation percentage below 56%.

Honduras is the second country in the count with the highest proportion of donated biologicals, accumulating 55.01%. This is followed by El Salvador with 32.02% and Costa Rica with 14.18%.

In July 2021, Guatemala led the Dialogues list, reporting 75.39% of the vaccines arrived as part of an international donation.

On the other hand, the Dialogues graph details that until October 11, Guatemala ranked second to last in purchased vaccines.

In this category, the first place went to El Salvador with 7 million 301 thousand 730 units obtained by bilateral purchase; the second place went to Costa Rica with 5 million 708 thousand 895 purchased vaccines.

Guatemala ranked third with 3 million 916 thousand 820 immunizers acquired by bilateral purchase until October 11; Honduras was the country with the lowest acquisition-by-purchase record with 3 million 661 thousand 530 units.


Every day hundreds of people go to vaccination centers to get immunized against COVID-19. Photo: Health.

So far Guatemala has obtained 10 million 099 thousand 220 vaccines, but 6 million 180 thousand 900 of these were donated by the international community and 3 million 918 thousand 320 were acquired through direct purchase or the Global Access Fund for COVID-Vaccines. 19 (Covax). This means that, of 5 vaccines received in the country, only 2 are purchased by the State.

The largest donation so far has been from the United States with 4,500,000 Modern vaccines; another 5,000 of the same brand were donated by Israel on February 25, 2021.

The other brand most donated to Guatemala has been AstraZeneca, adding 1 million 475 thousand 900 units given away by Mexico, Spain, the Dominican Republic and Canada. As confirmed by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) on October 16, a donation from Spain with 151,200 doses of this brand will arrive in Guatemala.

On March 2, 2021, a donation from India arrived with 200 thousand vaccines from a single Covishield-AstraZeneca application.


38.8% of the vaccines received in the country have been purchased directly by the State or through the Global Access Fund for Covid-19 Vaccines (COVAX).

It should be noted that the only vaccine purchased directly has been Sputnik V from Russia, for which a delivery of 8 million units was agreed to cost Q614.5 million. From this manufacturer 2 million 660 thousand vaccines have been obtained, that is, 33.25% of the total paid.

On the other hand, through Covax it has been possible to receive 1,258,320 biologics from the pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

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