Did moles mate here? The Danes are making fun of Slovan Bratislava’s playground. It is said that the Czechs brought the mold there

Radovan Stoklasa, Reuters

Copenhagen benefited in Tehelné pole from the individual mistakes of the Slav players, but also from the disputed verdicts of the referee.

However, the footballers of the Danish team were most interested in the condition of the playing field in Bratislava. “The course looked like it had a mole party on it. The ball danced on it and at the same time I felt that (the ball) was some small and light. As if it were a size four, even though it stated five, “the club’s website quotes the Danish defender Nicolai Boilesen.

“We faced challenging conditions on an incredible course. Despite this, we return with a beautiful result. Slovan started very straightforwardly, strong and fast. We reacted to it at half time and let them play a bit. We withdrew a bit and immediately after winning the ball we played our football. It worked, we deserved the victory, “rejoiced guest coach Jess Thorup.

Even in the report on the club website, they pay attention to the poor quality of the lawn. “They have a beautiful stadium in Bratislava, it lacks only one thing – grass,” writes the pages of the 13-time Danish champion.

Coach Vladimír Weiss Sr. revealed that the lawn was infested with mold. Behind the scenes, it was speculated that she was brought there on her football boots in preparation by the Zlín players.

A terrible mistake in the European League. The goalkeeper caused a losing gross defeat

During the national team break, when the Slovaks played matches with Croatia and Cyprus at the stadium, it was not possible to change the arms.

“In the long run, we are planning a hybrid lawn (a combination of natural and artificial grass) so that this does not happen again,” Weiss told sport.sk, adding that the lawn will be replaced after Sunday’s match with Žilina.

After the defeat, the coach also complained about the absence of the VAR system and indirectly about the injustices of the judges. Slovan scored the first goal after a corner kick, which was probably not to be kicked, because the ball probably did not cross the goal line. The winning goal then fell after the border offside situation, the third, according to the Slovak side, after the disputed penalty.

“I saw in the video that there was no corner or penalty. I can’t comment on the referees, because I and the club would be fined. Perhaps I can comment on the fact that I do not understand why there is no VAR in such matches. What is it for then? He is also in the Slovak league and variously elsewhere. But he’s not in the Conference League, “Weiss Sr. said angrily.


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