Did you know that the Port of Barcelona is a good place to observe the Moon?

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I share in the Photos of the Readers of La Vanguardia this photograph of an Austrian Airlines plane at the moment when it visually converges with the waxing gibbous Moon over the Port of Barcelona.

The light and atmospheric pollution of the city, in this case, the Catalan capital, often prevents observing the sky at night with the desired clarity, especially in comparison with the natural environment.

However, this snapshot shows that it is possible to contemplate the Moon, the stars and the planets at night from the Port of Barcelona, ​​without buildings around.

The waxing gibbous Moon is shown after the waxing phase. It is at this time when the Moon is progressively taking, day after day, a convex shape on both sides in its luminous part.

It will give way to the full moon.


The crescent gibbous Moon seen from the Port of Barcelona.

Jesus Conte

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