Dinamo does not want to stop Trento also has to surrender

Winning break in the last quarter, playmaker Robinson plays the charge in the decisive minutes Fourth success in five games but the dream of the Final Eight has vanished definitively

SASSARI. New horizons. Dinamo chooses one of the most complicated days by external factors to start looking forward and returning to the places that compete most with them. That of Trento, third-placed team, is the most prestigious scalp (88-80 the final) of this first part of the season and heartens the whole environment, above all we are at the fourth victory in five games: the Final Eight has vanished, but what matters most is to stop looking over your shoulder all the time. By playing like this, the horizon now is to put our feet back in the first eight positions, the one that, since the first year, has been the white and blue territory.

Unexpected obstacles. Mekowulu, one of the best in the last race in Bologna, showed up out of sheer willpower after a restless night due to an indisposition. In addition, shortly before the match, the coach Piero Bucchi discovered that he was positive for the covid, a news that triggered the alarm and the consequent emergency plan: “I must say thanks to the club that allowed us to get off in a short time on the field in total safety »said Giacomo Baioni at the end of the match, who suddenly felt called to arms and had to manage an unpredictable situation. He got off, once again, great. As well as the whole group.

A long run. The match was resolved in the second half of the last quarter, after a constant swing between two very different teams who also had different tactical plans. Trento, admittedly, wanted to take away speed and transition from Dinamo and as long as he managed to control the pace he stayed in the game. The biancoblù, worried about the physical strength of the opponents, have chosen to fill the colored area and even at the cost of taking a few more triple (11/24 from behind the arch for Trento) have in fact equalized the rebounds (33-34 ) and held opponents below 50 percent by two points. The game went on with ups and downs, with some important but never decisive breaks, with Eimantas Bendzius who in the first part carried the weight of the attack on his shoulders and Gerald Robinson who split the game in the last 4 ‘. For the biancoblù fans, seeing him on the parquet after Clemmons is now like passing, in a concert, from the boredom of a shoulder group to the sparks of the long-awaited rock star.

Breathless. Ahead 17-12, Dinamo closed the first quarter 24-21 extending up to 31-24 at the start of the second. Baioni promotes Diop and sips Mekowulu to the quintet, at the end of the first quarter he has already turned the bench and asks his many sacrifices in defense to restart as soon as possible. The long run starts from here, breathless, between daring descents and sudden climbs: lost ball and Trento passes forward (31-35, break 0-11), white-blue counterbreak of 11-0 (42-35) forcing the opponents to many turnovers and maximum advantage on 44-35.

Halfway through the race he is 44-38 despite a bad 3/12 from three points, the race continues when the revenant Burnell places a triple and Dinamo sprints up to 57-41. An important break that melts like snow in the sun in a few minutes, Trento draws (61-61) at 1’40 ” from the siren, which reaches 66-66. Anzora the guests put their nose forward (66-69, 71-73) we go on blow by blow and 4 ‘from the end the game changes masters once and for all: 76-73, Williams eats a basket from below, Robinson strikes (78-73) and puts on his show (82-73). The last blows are dealt by Gentile, Trento goes down this time and cannot get up.

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