discounts of 10 and 20% for parcel shipments

There is still little time available to take advantage of these 10 and 20% discounts offered by Poste Italiane. Let’s go into the details and see what it is.

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Also thanks to the impact of the Coronavirus, in the last period we have had to change many of our habits, due to the various restrictions aimed at limiting its spread. To aggravate the situation, then, the fact that many have had to deal with the closure of various work activities, consequently finding themselves having to deal with lower income. Being able to cope with the various expenses is particularly complicated for many.

It is not surprising, therefore, that there are many who turn their attention to the world of savings. This is in order to set aside a few euros each month, to draw on in case of need. Precisely in this context it will be interesting to know that there is still little time available to be able to take advantage of the discounts of 10 and 20% offered by Poste Italiane. So let’s go into the details and see for which products they are applied and until when.

Poste Italiane, hurry up: 10 and 20% discounts for parcel shipments

Great news for many who have to send parcels. Until 23 September, in fact, it is possible to take advantage of interesting discounts of 10 and 20%, for the shipment of parcels to certain destinations and with weight not exceeding 30 kg. Thanks to the service Delivery ExpressFurthermore, sending parcels is even easier.

All you have to do is prepare it, pay attention to the weight and go to a post office, where you have to fill in the waybill. Alternatively, you can fill in the online shipment on Poste Delivery Web and send the package directly from your home or deliver it to the post office.

As announced by Poste Italiane, these discounts concern the university destinations and will be greater as the weight of the packages themselves increases. Going into the details, in fact, you are entitled to a discount of 10% for parcels weighing at least 10 kg. This discount increases to 20% for packages weighing more than 20 kg.

As regards the destinations admitted, however, are the following: Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Chieti, Florence, Genoa, L’Aquila, Lecce and Messina. Or to Milan, Modena, Naples, Padua, Palermo, Parma, Pavia, Perugia and Pescara. Finally towards Pisa, Reggio Emilia, Rome, Salerno, Turin, Venice and Verona.

Delivery Express, here are the costs for shipping packages

Going into the details, moreover, it is clear that the costs per parcel from:

  • 0 a 3 kg not bulky is 11.39 euros. For those bulky of 20.32 euros.
  • 3 a 5 kg the price for non-bulky ones is 13.85 euros while for bulky ones 22.78 euros.
  • 3 a 10 chili the cost for non-bulky ones is € 15.49, while for bulky ones it costs € 24.42.
  • 10 a 20 kg the price is 16.16 euros for non-bulky packages and 24.19 euros for bulky ones.
  • 20 a 30 kg you pay 18.95 euros for non-bulky packages and 26.10 euros for bulky ones.

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The prices listed above, remember, refer only to national shipments, up to the date of September 23.

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