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Facebook’s XR (AR + VR + wearables) efforts are back in the tech news this week with the launch of its much-anticipated smart glasses, stylishly designed by Luxottica, Ray-Ban Stories. The new wearable combines aspects of Snap’s original Spectacles, which record 30-second clips for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, with audio smart glasses like Amazon’s Bose Frames and Echo Frames, which are great for listening. playing music and making phone calls. There’s no screen, so calling them “AR” smart glasses is generous. The $ 299 price tag is cheap at first glance, but when you consider the cost of adding prescription lenses, the price quickly doubles. There will be much better devices on the market over the next couple of years, so these glasses will soon find your old Oculus Go (launched in May 2018) in a box in the back of the closet.

Instagram influencers may find Ray-Ban Stories useful. The company’s demo videos show Facebook executives enjoying the summer fun and acting like ordinary people, with Ray-Ban Stories. Facebook’s social media properties depend on this type of user-generated content. The easier it is for users to generate this content, the more content there will be. The success of Ray-Ban Stories depends not only on the number of products sold, but also on who they are sold to and the amount of additional media they produce with this new platform.

To its credit, Facebook Reality Labs isn’t afraid. The Ray-Ban Stories may not be much more than a beautifully crafted future trivia question, but it keeps them in the game. They are learning. Learning is expensive, but not as expensive as the alternative, which is not to learn. Lucas Matney of Techcrunch was even more generous when he said, “The Ray-Ban Stories seem to be more aware and more in control, as if the company knows exactly what use cases it needs. target, and that she had stopped herself from trying to do much more than that ”. It’s true. Facebook has never made excessive promises on this point.

Everyone writes about it. With really catchy titles, and a lot less sympathy, too.

Smart glasses made Google seem like a jerk. Now Facebook is giving them a chance. The company has partnered with Ray-Ban to create glasses that can take photos, record videos, answer phone calls and play podcasts. (Mike Isaac / NYT)

Facebook on your face. The first pair of smart glasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban (Alex Heath / The Verge)

Ray-Ban and Facebook are launching smart glasses in the context of the metaverse boom. Are Facebook’s smart glasses going to be all the rage? (Maghan McDowell / Vogue Business)

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