Do you want to have a successful child? Plan your birth for these days

Whether a person is successful or not is often decided at an early age. According to the results of the new study, however, education does not have to play a role. The month and day you are born can also have an effect. According to the study, people born in April, especially on April 30, have a great chance of success.

Scientists from society MyHeritage collected data on the birthdays of thousands of prestigious awards. These were prizes from various fields, such as the Grammy, the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, the Olympics, the Golden Globe, the Michelin Star, the World Cup, the Man Booker Prize and the Golden Palm.

From 365 days a year, it turned out that the most successful people were born on April 30. A total of 11 people had birthdays on this day. Among them, for example, actress Cloris Leachman, actress Kirsten Dunst or rapper Travis Scott.

According to scientists, the second most common birthday is only a few days earlier. On April 27, eight winners of prestigious awards celebrate. He also scored on April 29. Out of a thousand people surveyed, 99 people have birthdays in April. In addition to those already mentioned, actresses Emma Thompson, Barbra Streisand, Emma Watson, Queen Victoria and Victoria Beckham were born for the fourth month of the year. It is in April that the most successful people are born.

In second place with 94 people was November, in which, for example, chef Gordon Ramsay or actress Anne Hathaway was born. The third month is March, in which 92 successful people were born.

At the opposite end of the scale, February ended with 58 people, December with 71 and August and June, both of whom had 75 births.

Scheduling a birth for a specific month is not such a problem. But if you would like to insure a chance for a successful offspring, in addition to the data already mentioned, you should also target January 20, March 23 or 26.

So if you are planning a child in the near future and you want him to be a Nobel or Pulitzer Prize winner, it would be advisable to wait a few months with your pregnancy. You will have a much better chance of being a successful athlete, scientist or chef when your baby is born in September. When you get pregnant now, your due date would be for the summer, when similarly successful people will be born less.


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