‘Doctor Maung’ reveals information before parents make a decision Should your child get vaccinated against COVID? – News

‘Doctor Maung’ reveals information before parents make a decision Should your child be vaccinated against COVID? Reveals that boys are more vulnerable than girls myocarditis side effects Most of the symptoms are mild.

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Date 20 Sep ’64 Dr. Rangsarit Kanchanavanich or Doctor Maung Cardiologist Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University Post questions via Facebook. Rungsrit Kanjanavanit Commenting on the case of vaccinating children against COVID-19 Many people have asked my opinion about the COVID-19 vaccine in children, how do I agree to take it?

I am not a direct vaccine expert. But as cardiologists are concerned with certain vaccine side effects. I hesitate to give information. I’ve always had this opinion because I saw that it wasn’t easy. I’m afraid that I won’t lead the way (I’m still not confident enough to hit the table) until today, I had to make a decision. how to choose well with my daughter

So I would like to explain my thoughts for the benefit of other people with children and is deciding
Should I inject it? If injected, which one should I inject? (if I can choose)

Weighing the risk benefits of pediatric vaccines not so easy information Compared to each vaccine, there is a limited number. We have to consider the information as much as we have.

Of course, the side effect that we are most concerned about with the mRNA vaccine is myocarditis.

The details are: 1.1 Most cases of myocarditis, 95% of myocardial infarction, mild symptoms or no severe symptoms until death are very rare.

however We still don’t know the long-term effects until adults. How many will there be Whether there will be a progression of dilated cardiomyopathy or not is unknown as data is just available. (but personally I think Chances like that are few. because the main mechanism is from immune reaction which from past experience Unlike direct viral myocarditis, these causes have a short-term effect.)

1.2 The incidence is higher in young boys, possibly up to 40 per million doses; girls, approximately 10 times lower risk of myocardial infarction Moderna experiences myocardial infarction more often than Pfizer (data from Canada, difference 7 times).

2. The rate of serious illness and death of the children we are interested in in our population If we look at data from the United States The rate of serious illness leading to intensive care for adolescents with COVID is approximately 150-200 per million population.

This information must be used in our own country. and depending on the epidemic situation in each time period, each area
It cannot be borrowed directly from America.

The problem is, I haven’t seen this information in Thailand yet, what is the rate of serious illness per population among our teenagers?
If number 2 is more than number 1, it seems to be worth it if they are close. may need to consider a vaccine that higher security but is less effective, such as inactivated vaccines as in adults)

However, personally, I look to the future situation, I believe that this epidemic will continue Until becoming endemic, so I think that the second risk Therefore, it is much higher than the first point.

My wife and I decided. Have a 13-year-old girl receive the mRNA vaccine by asking her voluntarily. because he himself follows the news can participate in this informed decision. This is my way of thinking.

that I think is the best way for the child and society as a whole, as a father and a cardiologist.
each parent We have to weigh the scientific evidence.

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