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Horror scenario of a powerful tsunami with up to 25 meters high breakers is about the volcanic eruption on La Palma: Behind it is an old study that experts see critically.

from Thomas Golser | 11:54 a.m., September 20, 2021


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One thing is clear: the entire Canary Islands archipelago is of volcanic origin – like many other islands around the world © (c) AP (Jonathan Rodriguez)

A powerful volcanic eruption on the Canary Island The Palm would break parts of its western flank – and the resulting “mega-tsunami” could be 6000 kilometers away New York as well as other part of the US east coast with Crushers up to 25 meters high devastate: This terrifying scenario is now going on in the face of the current and violent outbreak on the 700 km² large Canary Island once more through the network.

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