Driver self-driving Uber car has been charged with causing fatal accident – IT Pro – News

The biggest shit. Uber has set up a Test project. It’s up to Uber to make sure there are no deaths.

So that comment is big sore. Part of the test project is a driver who must check whether the systems are working and can therefore intervene at any time. It is ultimately up to the driver to ensure that there are no deaths if the software does not work.

The use of inspectors is a good thing. We all know that a person is not flawless.
Why were there not two people in the car? Why was the driver not taken out of traffic when using her smartphone? A camera on the person during those journeys would have provided valuable data on that person’s attentiveness, especially when linked to the driving behavior of the car. Did the car detect something and how did the “inspector” deal with it. Had he seen it too, or was the attention completely lost?

The human being is not flawless idd, but if you are driving in your car someone is killed because you are not paying attention, you are just as much to blame.

Camera on the person is an option, Tesla may do that now because the systems would otherwise be abused. The intention here is to test systems and the person / driver has that task. got.

Whether or not the car detects something is actually a side issue. The driver has to see and intervene at all times, for which they do the test.

Uber is simply a company that shuns all responsibility, cuts corners and makes the least effort to achieve anything.

That is of course a completely different theme and I further agree.

That woman will have been punished for the rest of her life for sitting in a car that killed someone. Why doesn’t Uber’s CEO also go to jail? It is his company that led to that woman’s death.

According to the investigators, the woman was on her phone, I assume they have proof of that and the judge will look into it if it does. If so, then she’s just guilty of having someone else texting and driving and causing an accident.

Unfortunately, there are more people who are punished their lives by driving someone to death, blind corner truck but let’s not see as victims for people who are busy with their phone behind the wheel and cause an accident.


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