Dutch conspiracy theorist has to sell house after umpteenth conviction for libel

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The house of Dutch activist, whistleblower and conspiracy theorist Huig Plug is up for auction. Despite warnings, Plug has continued to make allegations against a judge in Leiden.

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Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 10:04 am

Plug has just been released from ten weeks in prison for a photo of two body bags and the text The press conference is canceled tonight. The judge judged that as a death threat against Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge. At the beginning of this month, he was arrested again for violating the contact ban with these ministers.

Plug is also at loggerheads with a Leiden judge, whom he accuses of being part of a large conspiracy with elite child molesters. He walked down the judge’s street with a megaphone to “warn” the neighborhood about her. He also made accusations on social media. He refused to stop even though the penalties amounted to a quarter of a million euros.

“Old Pattern”

According to state lawyer Kingma, Plug has discussed how he could continue to live in his house at the Katwijk boulevard, where he “lived well”. Plug was then given longer time to delete the offending Twitter messages. “That was the third time that the State offered you – without obligation – a chance to prevent the foreclosure sale of your home by still complying with the court order. The State finds it very disappointing that, contrary to what you suggested to us in our telephone conversation, you have again proved unwilling to do so. Since your release you have fallen back into your old pattern.”

At the State, “the patience has now run out”, Kingma writes. Plug’s house is up for auction and if he continues with the accusations, new penalties will follow.


Plug has many fans among anti-government activists. He has been fighting against alleged injustice for years. The former prison employee started by raising problems in the Scheveningen prison hospital. Then he detected a great conspiracy of sadistic seniors who would abuse and kill children.

“Councillor Sikke Kingma (part-time state attorney) is going to auction my house in collaboration with bailiff Groot & Evers,” Plug writes on Twitter. He writes that there is a “giga scandal” going on around the state attorney’s office. He is referring to the diversion of money by the former chairman of the firm.

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