Elon Musk is starting a new business. From spacecraft and the conquest of Mars to earth. What will the billionaire produce? Photo

During the Gigafactory Fair, the sedan, the carmaker to celebrate the imminent opening of its new factory in Germany said that the company will sell its own Gigabier or “Gigabeer” beer.

Elon Musk is well known for his unique tactics for promoting his products, but this time the billionaire would have outdone himself. Musk recently announced that Tesla will produce its own beer that will be served in Tesla-inspired bottles – Cybertuck.

Tesla billionaire and CEO announces launch of “GigaBier”

The beer bottles were clearly inspired by Cybertruck, with sharp angles and a futuristic concept. The new drink is part of a wide range of projects and products designed for the Giga Berlin campus.

“We will build a station right on the property. Then we will have graffiti and murals all over the factory and outside. So I think it’s going to be pretty cool. We will also have our own beer “, said Elon Musk during the event.

The decision to make a beer inspired by a car is incredibly dubious, mainly because combining a car company with alcohol consumption doesn’t seem like a good idea. Undoubtedly, “GigaBier” beer will attract the attention of the press and, as usual, will be very successful.

Also, no other car company has ever created its own beer, most likely due to the questionable association with the dangers of driving under the influence. However, it is not at all surprising that Tesla will now sell its own beer, given that the company has also sold tequila in the past. We’ll have to wait and see if GigaBier will be sold in a limited edition or not.

Elon Musc would not be at the first attempt to produce alcoholic beverages

In 2020, Tesla launched a limited edition Teslaquila – tequila – which it sold on its US site for $ 250 a bottle and offered a second half in 2021, which sold out quickly. The lightning-shaped bottle is often listed by online retailers for over $ 1,000, with and without the liqueur still inside.

The drink was inspired by a joking tweet by April Fool that Musk posted in 2018 stating that Tesla went bankrupt, accompanied by a photo with him, who disappeared with a “bankwup!”. “Elon was found fainting behind a Tesla Model 3, surrounded by Teslaquilla bottles, with traces of dry tears still visible on his cheeks.”

The price and availability of Gigabier have not been announced, but Tesla aims to start production of the Y model at the German factory by December, writes foxbusiness.

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