Eric Bledsoe on defending Stephen Curry: “He’s horrible”

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry reminded Eric Bledsoe of the Los Angeles Clippers roster on Sunday of the tough challenge of containing his offensive momentum.

The point guard once again led the Bahia team to victory thanks to his 33 points, including a seven of thirteen in triples. After the game, Bledsoe, the main defender in charge, admitted that Steph gave him a hard time at Staples Center.

“It is awful [defenderle]. Sometimes you think you have it well covered, “said the player according to the media. NBC Sports. “However, he will manage to find a way to move the ball for a layup or score three. If you turn your head, you are already on the other side of the court shooting. It is very difficult. Get all the attention. “

This victory was the seventh in a row for the Warriors who lead the Western Conference with an authority of 18-2. The two losses harvested, against Memphis and Charlotte, were produced by an average of only 3.5 points.

Thus, Stephen Curry continues to collect more than enough merits to establish himself as the top scorer in the NBA and the main candidate for the MVP of the season award, which he has already won twice.

(Cover photo by Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

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