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Something strange has been going on in Belgium lately: the omikron variant only accounted for 85 percent of the infections. That should have been much more by now. At first it was thought that the delta variant continued to circulate, but it turns out to be a variant of omikron.

“In fact, three sublines of omikron have already been discovered – BA.1, BA.2 and BA.3 – but only the first two have already been detected in our country,” says biostatistician Tom Wenseleers of KU Leuven in Het Laatste Nieuws. “BA.1 and BA.2 appear to be fairly different from each other and you can see that BA.2 is growing with us. For the time being, these are still small numbers. It is difficult to give an exact figure, because that depends on which datasets you use exactly.”

Previously, BA.2 was not detected by the tests and thus was thought to be delta. BA.2 probably comes from India and is almost the only variant there. “But there is also an advance in other countries. In Denmark, for example, where it has already risen to more than 50 percent. He probably shows a little bit more immune escape, but otherwise we know very little about it. Presumably the first useful data will come from Denmark,” says Wenseleers.


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