Examples of Short Bones in Human Anatomy and Learning

Examples of short bones become an important discussion in human anatomy. If in human life, the skeleton or bones have a function to support the vertebrate body.

So if in our body there are no bones, we will not be able to move or move the body. Bone formation has existed since in the womb. This also continues until the second decade which is in a regular order.

The definition of bone itself is a strong tissue, tough, and gives shape to the body. In addition to moving our bodies, the function of bones is also diverse.

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This is an example of short bones in the human body

Before we move on to the discussion of the example from the short bone itself, it would be better if we knew in advance what it means.

Is it really a short bone or what? Because, it is not impossible if some of us still do not know the existence of these short bones in the body.

You need to know, short bones are one type of bone that is located in the human body. A special feature of this bone is that it has a shape similar to a cube, short, irregular, and round.

This bone itself is also included in the division of bone types based on their shape. In this context, apart from short bones, there are also flat bones and pipe bones.

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Bone Function

After knowing about the meaning of short bones, to distinguish which ones include examples of short bones, pipe bones, and flat bones, we must also know what their functions are.

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The function of short bones is to withstand a shock that is both hard and damp. In addition, also to regulate movement freely and form a part of the appendicular skeleton.

Not only that, this bone also has a function to create points, store various minerals, phosphorus, calcium, and support movements that occur in the human body.

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Not only its function, but we also have to know what the characteristics of short bones are so that we can get the correct example.

As explained in the previous section which said that the shape of this bone is round, its size is short, and it is like a cube. This bone also contains a sponge. It usually also consists of bone tissue.

As for the examples of short bones, we will find the base of the foot, the base of the arm, the vertebrae, the right palm, and the kneecap.

In addition, the nature of the example of short bones is light, but strong. So, support other body parts, for example the wrist. (R10/HR-Online)

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