Excuse cabinet to wrongly convicted Puttense murder case | Inland

They were acquitted in 2002. “It is time that we do justice to these two men,” said Grapperhaus under the watchful eye of du Bois, who sat in the public gallery in the House of Representatives. “Later the perpetrator was arrested, if that is established, it is the government’s responsibility to do something with all the harmful consequences.”

According to Grapperhaus, this has not been done enough to date. Compensation has already been paid. “But there was never a moral reparation, public apologies were never made and that hurt them,” said the minister, who regularly dropped silences in his speech.

“I’m going to be quiet about it for a while, I really want to think about it,” said the minister. “Before I was a minister I read a nasty piece, years ago, about how they are still looked at by some people with the neck,” he said about the consequences of the mistake.

“We left those men and their families out in the cold, and we should have apologized. We are now doing this to Herman and Wilco on behalf of the entire cabinet.” I’m sorry, said Grapperhaus. “That is also a constitutional state, which you sometimes bow deeply.” Royce de Vries was also in the room, the son of murdered crime reporter Peter R. de Vries, who delved into the case for years to uncover the truth.

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