Exercise and healthy habits affect work productivity

Working today has become a challenge, the extensive work schedules, the reduced spaces and the change to a digital version of work have become some of the aspects that companies have begun to evaluate.

In addition to economic and productive growth, some have realized that the habits that workers maintain represent a high or low percentage of productivity.

According to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO), long working hours are linked to more than 750 thousand deaths a year.

Strategies to improve good habits at work

The state of mind and good habits will thus become a fundamental part for productivity, that is why some companies such as Fitpal have created strategies and mechanisms to improve occupational health aspects.

According to Juan Sebastián Montejo, CEO of Fitpal, poor work practices generate higher levels of stress, lower levels of well-being and affect the happiness of employees. “We decided to expand our offer and offer companies holistic wellness, health, and Wellness in a much more comprehensive and consolidated way“, he adds.

These new strategies, when integrated into workspaces, produce a 300% increase in innovation, 44% more employee retention, 37% increase in sales and 31% more productivity, according to studies carried out. by Delivering Happiness.

Some of the strategies studied by Fitpal and other companies are courses and workshops for the mental and physical improvement of employees, recognizing that mental health is also a fundamental part of greater productivity. “We also include new products on mental health, the first is an SOS chat where any worker can connect with a psychologist […] to which they can call when they are in a moment of crisis “, indicates Montejo.

By the WHO and the ILO, working 55 hours or more a week is linked 35% to stroke and 17% to heart disease, compared to a 35-40 hour workweek.


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