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Last February 2004, it was created Facebook, the most important social network of all time, started out being so basic that it only allowed you to post photos, texts and chat with your contacts. Everything changed when the company launched its first mobile application, from that moment the changes came and added the publications of videos, reactions, Marketplace, live broadcasts and stories, the last one was so popular that they had to add them to WhatsApp and Instagram. This time we will teach you a new trick so that you can see the statuses of your contacts without them knowing.

Surely you have many reasons not to see the history of a contact in FacebookSuddenly you do not want the other person to believe that you are hanging on their life or you are simply ashamed. Sometimes it happens that one of your contacts publishes a status a minute ago (but you don’t know it) and by chance you see it, this is very embarrassing because it implies that you are pending what is coming up.

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It is important to clarify that this trick that we will teach you below only works from an Android mobile or iPhone, it will have no effect if you browse through a computer or laptop. In addition, Facebook It does not have a tool to view the stories anonymously, unlike WhatsApp or Instagram, which do.


  • First, go to Facebook and at the top the stories will be located.
  • Now, activate the airplane mode of your computer to lose all internet connection.
  • Then, press the history of a contact that you want to see, but, if you have uploaded several, you will only be able to see the first one, even if you repeat the trick.
  • The next step is to close the application.
  • Finally, turn off airplane mode and open Facebook. How can you appreciate history appears as unseen.
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Do you have a problem with Facebook and do you want to fix it? click hereand follow the steps to solve the problem that you present with the application. Meanwhile, if what you want is to report abuses or other conversations that violate the rules of Facebook Messenger, press the following link. You can also shake your smartphone to report a problem.


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