Fairytale accommodation: Macko Pooh used to live here

Fairytale accommodation: Macko Pooh | Hashtag.sk

# Have you ever wanted to teleport to a fairytale world and meet your favorite heroes? Now you have a unique opportunity to fulfill your dreams. In honor of the 95th anniversary of the legendary Pooh Mack, a unique accommodation was created. You’re guessing right – it’s identical to a cat’s house.

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The cute cottage was created by the author of the yellow hair Kim Raymond. The whole architecture for the hair corresponds to a fairy-tale design. There are four beds, a small couch and, of course, shelves full of honey cups. The cozy impression is further enhanced by the fairy-tale wallpaper. There is even a table in front of the house with chairs for tea.

Accommodation in a tree is closer than you would expect. It is located in the Ashdown Forest in England. You can easily make a reservation through the portal Airbnb. The price per night is currently not published. The reservation system will be officially opened September 20.

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