Film premieres: Clan Gucci, Encanto, King Richard: The Birth of Champions, Lovers or Machr for 30 Days

Gucci clan

According to Sarah Gay Forden’s book, director Ridley Scott made a film inspired by the shocking true story of the Italian fashion house empire. Three decades of family history, complete with love, betrayal, decadence, revenge and murder, put together a mosaic of what the famous Gucci brand brings.

Clan Gucci, USA 2021, thriller, 164 min., Director: Ridley Scott, starring: Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons and more.

About the devil and other Christmas fairy tales

The fairy tale About the Devil is based on a book of the same name by the artist Pavel Čech. Santa Claus is a nice uncle and can do a lot, but the Czech winter includes Santa Claus, Santa Claus, carols, Christmas decorations and, of course, devils and chimney sweeps!

Trailer for the film About the Devil and other Christmas fairy tales

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About the Devil and Other Christmas Fairy Tales, Czechia 2021, animated band, 63 min., Director: Miroslav Zachariáš, Martin Otevřel, David Súkup, Petr Vodička, Šárka Váchová.


The Madrigals live hidden in a magical house in the Colombian mountains, in a wonderful and enchanting place called Encanto. Thanks to magic, every child in the family has a unique gift: from superhuman strength to the ability to heal. Every child except Mirabel is endowed. When the magic surrounding Encanto begins to fade, Mirabel discovers that she might be the last hope of her exceptional family.

Trailer k filmu Encanto

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King Richard: The birth of champions

A drama based on a true story. The story of Richard Williams, the coach and father of world-famous tennis players Venus and Serena, who has a brilliant plan to get their daughters off the streets of Compton, California, on the world tennis scene. The story shows the strength of the family, perseverance and unwavering faith as a means to achieve the impossible and affect not only the tennis world.

Trailer for the film King Richard: The Birth of Champions (Czech)

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King Richard: The Birth of Champions, USA 2021, drama, 145 min., Director: Reinaldo Marcus Green, hraj: Will Smith, Aunjanue Ellis, Saniyya Sidney, Jon Bernthal and more.


The love idyll between Lisa and Simon ends when Simon is responsible for the tragic event. Out of fear, he escapes and leaves the desperate and abandoned Lisa in Paris. After a while, she marries the rich businessman Leo, but she still has to meet her fateful love.

Trailer for the movie Lovers

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Lovers, France 2020, drama, 102 min., Director: Nicole García, starring: Benoît Magimel, Stacey Martin, Pierre Niney and others.

Across the border

Trailer for the film Across the Border

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Across the Border, France / Germany / Czechia 2021, animated, 80 min., Director: Florence Miailhe

Machr for 30 days

The life of Rayan, who has been bullyed by his colleagues for years, will be changed by a mistaken diagnosis by his doctor, after which he will finally start enjoying himself to the fullest. A list of what he would like to experience before he dies will bring him to a whirlwind of crazy experiences. Eventually, he gets the idea of ​​dazzling Stéphania’s dream woman and finally becoming a hero: he decides to break up the famous drug trade network.

Trailer for the movie Machr for 30 days

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Machr na 30 dní, France 2020, comedy, 87 min., Director: Tarek Boudali, starring: Tarek Boudali, José Garcia, Philippe Lacheau, Vanessa Guide and more.


Teenager Lyz has a brilliant career in downhill skiing. He arrives at a renowned training camp run by charismatic coach Fred. For Lyz, who is from a broken family and has a problematic relationship with her mother, she is the role model she looks to. The moment the turning point in her sports career comes, the inexperienced girl finds herself trapped in a situation in which unequal romance and sexual abuse intertwine.

Trailer for the movie Slalom

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Slalom, Belgium / France 2020, drama, 92 mi., Director: Charlène Favier, hrají: Noée Abita, Jérémie Renier, Axel Auriant, Muriel Combeau and more.

Let there be water!

Movie Trailer Let there be water!

Let it be water !, Czechia 2021, documentary, 120 min., Director: Karel Žalud.

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