Found unconscious person by electric scooter in Bergen

The police notified of the incident at 22.07 on Friday night. It was a passer-by who found the person lying in the roadway at Nygårdshøyden in the center of Bergen.

– Is an electric scooter in the road by him. The police are on the scene, together with an ambulance, writes the West police district about the incident.

According to the fire brigade, the man was on the move, but with some wounds to his face, when their personnel arrived at the scene.

– He was upbeat and conscious when the fire brigade got there. He had some cuts and injuries to his face, duty commander Ronald Drotningsvik at the 110 exchange tells Bergensavisen.

The fire brigade in the city first reported that it was an accident between an electric scooter and a car, but later corrected the message and stated that the car was not involved in the incident.


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