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French police accused of using excessive force during pension protests

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French police have been accused of using excessive force during protests against the French state pension system. On February 15th, retirement age for French workers was increased from 60 to 67 years old, with a new age limit for Social Security. Protesters, who had been calling for the retirement age to be lowered, turned violent, and police responded with pepper spray, batons, and dogs. This event, which took place in the city of Lyon, is the latest in a series of peaceful retiree protests that have erupted in France in the past year.

According to the Economist, while the French military has been used rarely in modern times to quell peaceful protests, “the use of force by French police may seem excessive in a country that pays 920 billion euros in state pension benefits to retirees.” The French government denies using excessive force, but given the images of pepper spray and dog-fighting that have spread across France in the past year, it is hard to say for sure.

While the use of force by French police may seem excessive in a country that pays 920 billion euros in state pension benefits to retirees, it is important to remember that the French government is still the legal owner of these pensions. The Belgian government, for instance, has been caught appropriating French state pension money for their own benefit, and it is likely that other countries, such as Britain and the United States, are also taking advantage of French state pension system. While the French government may be able to defend its use of force in this case, it is likely that other countries will see similar protesting and violence from retirees in the future.

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On Feb. 11, 2019, French police officers clashed with protesters in the commune of Sierre during a pension protest. This clash started when officers used excessive force and physical threats against the protesters. The French media has accused the police of using excessive force and violating human rights.

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