Friend of Jana VDW (18) has to answer to court after she dies after overdose | Ghent

GentAVE (20), the friend of Jana VDW (18) who died in Kasterbant at the end of February, has to answer to court on suspicion of negligence, inflicting deliberate blows and supplying drugs with death as a result. That is what the Public Prosecutor’s Office of East Flanders has announced. Two dealers will also have to answer.

At the end of February, the lifeless body of Jana VDW was found in a house in Kasterbant, close to Dampoort station. AVE, the young woman’s boyfriend, called the police himself after notifying his mother. The police determined the death of the 18-year-old woman on arrival. The young man was arrested and the public prosecutor’s office assumed a suspicious death after an investigation.

In the meantime, the investigation was closed. “On Wednesday, September 15, the council chamber in Ghent referred three people (the friend, the dealer and the person who supplied drugs to the dealer) to the criminal court,” the prosecutor’s office said. “The council chamber has released the friend and the drug dealer under certain conditions, but the prosecutor’s office has appealed against this, leaving these two suspects in jail. The Chamber of Indictment (KI) will rule on this within 15 days.”

The friend will have to answer for supplying drugs, with the aggravating circumstance that they caused death, culpable negligence and intentional blows. The dealer for supplying drugs that have caused death and the third person for possessing and selling drugs without a license.

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