From personal experience to innovation… A Lebanese achievement for a device that connects the patient to the doctor!

In light of the bleak atmosphere that surrounds us, the news of our youth that conveys their creativity brings us hope for life and a better tomorrow. Among this news is that the Lebanese engineer Asma Sarhan won the Challenge and Innovation Forum in Qatar in second place out of 100 participants from 38 countries for her project “My Safety”.

The importance of this news is not only because it won, but mainly because the medical device that facilitates the delivery of vital signs from the patient to the doctor through an application through direct communication between them, will facilitate the lives of doctors and patients alike, at various times, especially in light of

The spread of the epidemic where direct communication can sometimes be more difficult.

Repeated win and absent support

This is not the first time that Asma has won for this and other projects. The engineer in biomedicine had previously won several times in several matches she participated in outside Lebanon, in the absence of financial support at the national level for her project, which she worked to develop gradually through her participation in recent years.

Asmaa had started working on projects outside the university, then at the university where she graduated and is currently pursuing graduate studies. As for the “My Safety” project, it won the Hassan Kamel Al-Sabah award locally in Lebanon in 2018, after which it participated in several matches in Kuwait, where it won the silver medal in 2019 within the11th invention fair in the middle east And the gold medal from theassociation of inventors In Portugal in the same year, in addition to several awards in Lebanon, Qatar and Geneva in the past three years.

“After every match I participated in, I was keen to develop the device in one way or another gradually, albeit slowly, until I obtained a patent in 2019 and the device then bore the name “My Safety.”

What is the purpose of the device?

The device that Asmaa invented is a smart medical device that takes vital notices of the patient, which is placed for him at the level of the electrocardiogram ECG These signals are sent to a special application, allowing direct communication between the doctor and the patient, allowing the condition to be monitored and tracked at the same time without delay through Patch It is placed on the chest of the patient who needs to monitor these indicators, either all the time or at certain times.

This device helps a patient who is considered at risk or who has certain symptoms related to stress, heart or cancer. Noting that the creation of this device sets a precedent, as it differs from the traditional device that the doctor can place on the patient to monitor his pressure or heart, in that it allows real-time monitoring.

As Asmaa explains, the device has been worked on at the lowest possible cost, and its price does not exceed 100 or 120 US dollars when it becomes available in the market. It is also light in weight, practical and does not require experience from the patient to use it as it is easy to use.

“When I thought about creating this device, it was based on a personal experience that I lived in the family, but the need for it quickly became apparent, especially with the spread of the epidemic, where the difficulty of direct communication between doctors and patients increased.

Asmaa does not deny that when she made the decision to go into this field and choose this specialty, she was not encouraged to consider it one of the fields that seem to be the preserve of men in our societies. But with her determination to pursue her dreams and passion, she was able to prove ingenuity and excellence in it, albeit in the absence of support and encouragement, until she was able to win all these matches and prove her superiority and creativity in every place she was found.


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