Frosinone, in prison, shoots three inmates

Cartabia sends Dap boss to Frosinone – Monday morning, we learn from sources of the Ministry of Justice, the Lazio superintendent will arrive first in the Frosinone prison Carmelo Cantone, then at 4 pm there will be an extraordinary meeting in the institute with the Dap chief Petralia and the general managers of personnel (Massimo Parisi) and prisoners (Gianfranco de Gesu).

The reactions – “The fact is of an unprecedented gravity and without prejudice to the responsibilities regarding the introduction of a firearm in prison, probably just chance would not have led to more serious consequences”, he declares Leo Beneduci, Secretary General of Osapp (Autonomous Trade Union Organization of the Penitentiary Police).

“While we have been waiting in vain for months for the Minister Cartabia to strike a shot, the shots arrive in the Frosinone prison, but from the gun in the possession of an inmate probably introduced with a drone. Only a few days ago, after the second birth of an inmate. in prison, we wondered what else had to happen for the government to follow the catwalks and the announcements with concrete and tangible acts. almost half a century ago. At this point, instead of the working groups of the past few days, we believe that we need to set up a real crisis unit, perhaps under the aegis of Palazzo Chigi “. He states it Gennarino De Fazio, Secretary General of the Uilpa Penitentiary Police.

“The very serious episode clearly confirms – he adds – what we have been saying for some time and, that is, that prisons are out of control in spite of the daily sacrifice of the women and men of the Penitentiary Police Corps, who pay for the years of abandonment on their own skin of politics and the carelessness of governments, including the one currently in office.

“We cannot accept such an aberrant situation, the penitentiary system is now inevitably compromised, in its general facets. Organic deficiencies, tools, training, resources and obsolete structures are now the tip of the iceberg that now lead to more and more relapses frequent and worrying for the psychophysical safety of male and female workers “. He states this in a note Stefano Branchi of the Fp Cgil Rome and Lazio.

“Serious investment policies in prisons are urgently needed – continues Branchi – before it is too late, or perhaps it already is. We have repeatedly stigmatized serious precariousness and problems which, on a daily basis, question order and security, as well as asking for a strengthening of external criminal execution. Nobody will be able to ignore it, the FP CGIL does not retreat in the struggle and claim “, he concludes.

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