Fulfill Children’s Nutrition with Milk Contains Arginine and Vitamin K2 to Prevent Stunting

For this reason, a child nutrition solution with a new formula containing Arginine and Vitamin K2 from PediaSure to optimize children’s growth potential.

“Nutrition is an important foundation for a good quality of life in the future. Therefore, Abbott is committed to always trying to optimize children’s growth by providing scientifically based nutrition. PediaSure New Formula with Arginine and Vitamin K2, our latest innovation to support children’s health and growth, as well as a solution for growth problems,” said President Director of PT Abbott Products Indonesia, Angelico Escobar.

Medical Director for Abbott Nutrition Business in Pacific Asia, Dr. Jose Dimaano Jr. said Arginine is an important amino acid that plays a role in height growth. Arginine triggers cell multiplication in the bone growth plate to help bones grow longer.

Research has found that stunted children have lower levels of arginine in their blood than normal children, and low arginine intake is associated with slower growth in height.

While Vitamin K2 is an important nutrient that helps distribute and bind calcium to bones and ultimately triggers the growth of strong bones.

Abbott first introduced PediaSure in Indonesia in 1996, and since then has continued to innovate by launching new formulas to keep pace with the changing nutritional needs of Indonesian children.

Backed by a strong scientific base of 20 clinical studies, a scientifically designed formula with complete and balanced nutrition that has been clinically proven to promote growth in height, weight, and increase endurance in children. The new formulation – enriched with a triple protein complex, high in calcium and 14 Vitamins & 9 minerals, AA and DHA, and containing Arginine and Vitamin K2 – two nutrients clinically proven to further support the growth of longer and stronger bones.


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