Funfair at the Chasséveld 2021: everything you need to know

Can’t wait to race the bumper cars, be the daredevil in the booster or to score a cotton candy? The autumn fair on the Chasséveld continues!

Citymates had to skip the autumn fair in 2020 due to the corona measures. Now that a year has passed and there are more relaxations, Breda residents are allowed again. From 15 to 24 October you can come to the Chasséveld daily from 13:00 to 23:00 for fun and entertainment.


In 2019, the municipality announced that the Breda fair would change. For example, the water, the forecourt of Pathé and part of the Pasbaan would be added to the fair. “The aforementioned developments are simply too early as a result of COVID-19 and therefore remain on the wish list,” a spokesperson for the municipality of Breda said. “The fair this year has a much more open structure.”

Corona admission ticket?

You may wonder if there are certain measures and the answer to that is simple: no. The fair is a transfer event and therefore no corona ticket is required. All you need to bring is a good mood (and maybe some coins for one of the machines).

Low-stimulus fair and Red Sunday

Under the heading ‘Kermissst’, Saturday October 16 between 13.00 and 15.00 is a low-stimulus funfair. The lights are less bright, the sound is softer and the spinning speeds of the attractions change. A day later, the so-called Red Sunday takes place. This organization holds various cycling races along the fair to promote more exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

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