Gabby Petito affair: last text message, boyfriend not found … where is the investigation after the discovery of a body?

Where is the young woman’s boyfriend and main suspect in this affair that is shaking the United States? What happened this summer so that what appears to be the body of young Gabby Petito was found last Sunday in a national park in Wyoming? Update on the investigation into the disappearance of this 22-year-old influencer, who left Florida last July with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie for a tour of the country in a van.

Looking for the boyfriend

On September 1, Brian Laundrie returned to North Port (Florida) alone at the wheel of Gabby Petito’s van. He says he does not know where his girlfriend is when the couple, who live together in this town in Sarasota County, had been traveling since July through the United States. The young woman went missing on September 11. Brian Laundrie said nothing. But last Tuesday, the North Port police announced that the young American, considered “worthy of interest” in the investigation, has also disappeared.

A few days later, Sunday, human remains are discovered in Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming). The investigators are not yet formal but the identity of the young woman is little doubt and the family of the young woman is informed. Meanwhile, the suspect’s family assures him: The last time they saw their son, the young man was leaving the house with a backpack towards the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County.

Drones, tracking dogs, the park is searched. But the young man does not reappear. “Nothing to report,” North Port police tweet before suspending the search on Sunday evening. On the other hand, the house of the parents of the young man is searched, reports CNN : several objects are taken and a Ford Mustang convertible on board, although we do not yet know what the analyzes could reveal.

The last message that worried Gabby’s mother

A day before Gabby’s last Instagram post and four days before Brian Laundrie’s return to North Port alone, the missing girl’s mother receives a strange message from her daughter, reveals the New York Post. “Can you help Stan, I keep getting his voicemails and missed calls,” Gabby’s mother reads on her phone. “Stan” is the grandfather of the young victim. Except Gabrielle Petito never calls her grandfather that way. What to worry about the mother of the family.

VIDEO. Gabby Petito’s disappearance: timeline of the affair that fascinates America

“The mother feared that something was wrong with her daughter,” wrote the investigator who took her testimony. He adds: “For her family, this was not normal behavior and they worried about her a little more. A few days later, on August 30, again according to the revelations of the New York Post, Gabby’s mother received a last text: “No network in Yosemite”, in reference to an American national park, located 1,300 kilometers from the places where the young woman’s body was discovered.

Domestic violence in Utah

The couple begin their journey in New York on the east coast. The “road trip” is documented on YouTube and Instagram: photos of incredible landscapes are published and the couple appear smiling near their white van. In a video posted on YouTube, the two lovers kiss at sunset and walk on the beach. But love life seems to have deteriorated on August 12 when the couple are taken into the care of police in Moab, Utah. According to a witness who alerted the police, the couple had an altercation. The two young people recognize physical assaults but refuse that one or the other be prosecuted, assures the police officer who came to meet them.

Gabby Petito

On the images of the camera that the police officer was wearing when meeting the couple, the young woman is seen with her face decomposed, crying. The policeman finally advises Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito to spend the night separately to calm down.

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