Galab Donev: No relative of a resident of the burned home in Royak wanted to take him home – Society

  • November 25, 2021

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  • A ridiculous incident led to the tragedy in the village of Royak. I want to thank the children who helped save the people living in the home. It is a question of a short circuit in the room where the boilers of the house are located. This was stated by the Minister of Social Affairs Dove DonevGalab Donev is a caretaker Minister of Labor and Social Policy in Ognyan Gerdjikov’s cabinet. C in the program “Since the day” on BNT.

    The staff in the home is completely sufficient to take care of the elderly, he explained.

    “The rescued 47 residents are accommodated in another home. There is already a vision of social where they can be accommodated. None of the relatives of these people wanted to take them home,” said the Minister of Social Affairs.

    The necessary clothes for the survivors of the Royak fire have been collected

    I ordered an inspection of all social homes in the country after this case. More than 95 homes were inspected. 97% of them are deficient and do not provide the necessary care for adults. The quality of the provided social services is not at the required level. There is money, the budget for these services has increased by over BGN 210 million, Minister Donev explained.

    He denied that this social service was left only in the hands of private individuals. “BGN 750 million are set in the Recovery Plan to improve the quality of the service. This can happen up to 5 years. More than 500 such services will be available for the provision of care for the elderly, so that we can organize a better quality of life for these people, “said Donev.

    According to him, these funds will have to improve the conditions in nursing homes, train staff, hire new ones, etc. The first steps in this direction have been taken. However, the next social minister will have to take on the difficult task.

    Maya Yordanova


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