Ganna was saddened by the Belgians at the World Championships and defended his gold in the time trial, Černý finished 32nd.

Yves Herman, Reuters

Ganna, who is also involved in the track and became the Olympic winner in Tokyo this year as a member of the Italian team fighter, perfectly distributed the forces on the 43.3-kilometer-long track. He flew it in 47:48 time and was the last racer on the track to knock Van Van out of first place. Although Belgium was the first country to reach two precious metals in the time trial after 18 years, it is still waiting for gold from the battle with the chronometer.

Van Aerta defeated Gann by more than five seconds, craving the disappointment of silver at the recent European Championships. He won gold at two World Championships in a row after reaching bronze in 2019. At that time, Australian Rohan Dennis succeeded in his defense.

“I felt in good shape and had good legs. I longed for a successful defense of the title, also so that I could continue to ride in that beautiful world champion jersey. And I’m already looking forward to it for next season,” he said with a smile Ganna in an interview for the International Cycling Union (UCI) website.

“Belgians are great boys and I have a lot of respect for them. I myself know very well how much pressure there is on a person when they race at home since last year. But I just wanted to win too much and I’m glad I did. I have to thank them because with their performance and quality they forced me to show such a ride, “added Ganna.

Van Aert was second in Imola last year. Today, on the first split in the 13.8-kilometer run, he was seven seconds ahead of Ganna, but on the second (33.3-kilometer) they had almost the same time. The holder of the silver from 2019 Evenepoel lost a bidon in the middle of the track, yet he reached another precious metal.

Only three riders won more than two gold medals in the time trial at the World Championships: German Tony Martin with Swiss Fabian Cancellara, who are record holders with four championships and a total of seven precious metals, and Australian Michael Rogers. Just today, Martin rode his last time trial at the World Championships and said goodbye to sixth place.

Cyclist Black will continue for the next two years in the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team

For Černý, who belongs to the wider top timekeeping world, the race ended in great disappointment. “It certainly wasn’t my best day. It wasn’t entirely pleasant, I couldn’t get into the rhythm. It’s a disappointment,” said the 28-year-old acting home champion from the time trial in an interview with Czech Television.

The cause was wrong for him. “I started and I did well, the start was fine, but after twenty to twenty-five minutes I started to lose my rhythm. I didn’t know if it was heavier or lighter (conversion) and I couldn’t get into the tempo. And as I saw the watts, definitely it was not what I would expect from myself, “Černý added.

World Road Cycling Championships in Bruges and Leuven (Belgium) – time trial:
Men (43.3 km):
1. Ganna (It.) 47:48,
2. Van Aert (Belgium) -5,
3. Evenepoel (Belg.) -43,
4. Asgreen (Paste.) -46,
5. Küng (Switzerland) -1: 06,
6. Martin (DEU) -1: 17,
7. Bissegger (Switzerland) -1:25,
8. Hayter (Brit.) -1:26,
9. Affine (It.) -1: 49,
10. Pogacar (Slovenian) -1: 53,
32. Black (CZE) -4: 00.


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