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German foreign minister warns of ‘horror scenario’ in Taiwan strait

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The German foreign minister warned Friday of a “horror scenario” in the Strait of Taiwan if the US failed to resolve its trade standoff with China.

“I think it’s important that we continue to work together to try to resolve this so-called trade deficit, but I also think that we need to make sure that it doesn’t become a conflict over trade,” Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in an interview with German news broadcaster ARD.

“If we don’t succeed in reducing the trade deficit, then we have to identify where this doesn’t enter into our future security then there’s a higher probability that we’ll have to have a tense situation in the Strait of Taiwan,” he added.

The US and China are locked in a trade dispute that has caused America’s largest single trade deficit with China. Beijing has threatened to farmers in the href=” minister-warns-of-horror-scenario//” target=”_blank”>Taiwan Strait that they will lose their crops if the trade war continues.

1. “Austria angers in Taiwan Strait”

Recently, Austria’s decision to close its trade office in Taipei and sign an MOU with China has angered Taiwan. The move is seen as a betrayal of the long-standing ties between Austria and Taiwan.

The decision has also raised concerns about China’s growing economic influence and political pressure on other countries to choose between China or Taiwan. As tensions rise in the Taiwan Strait, this move by Austria could have significant ramifications for the region.

  • The backlash: Taiwan’s Foreign Minister has criticized Austria’s decision, stating that Taiwan is an important partner of Austria and that the decision is detrimental to the stability of the region. Some Taiwanese netizens have taken to social media to boycott Austrian products and tourism.
  • The impact: This could signal a shift in Austria’s foreign policy towards China and away from Taiwan. It also highlights the pressure that China is exerting on other countries to choose between them or Taiwan.

2. “Taiwan must come what might”

The tiny island of Taiwan has been in the news recently, grappling with the possibility of an invasion from mainland China. Despite the threats, Taiwan has refused to back down, insisting that it will continue to stand up for its independence and democratic values. Here are a few reasons why :

  • Freedom and democracy: Taiwan is a vibrant democracy that enjoys political and social freedoms that are unheard of in mainland China. Its people enjoy a free press, freedom of religion, and a robust civil society. If Taiwan were to fall to China, it would mean the loss of these precious freedoms for millions of people.
  • Strategic importance: Taiwan sits at a geostrategic crossroads, with access to vital shipping lanes and air routes. It is also home to key scientific and technological facilities, making it a critical hub for research and innovation. If China were to take over Taiwan, it would gain a significant advantage in terms of global influence and power projection.

3. “Neutral

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German Foreign Minister Addresses Taiwan Straits

On November 9, 2017, German Foreign Minister Heiko Heil published a blog post on the German government’s website warning of a “horror scenario” in the Taiwan strait. The blog post specifically mentions the potential for a conflict between China and Taiwan, and the impact this could have on the region.

Close observers of the Taiwan Straits have warned for years that there is a high risk of a conflict between China and Taiwan. This conflict could lead to a military confrontation between the two sides, and could envelope the island in international waters. If a conflict occurred, it would also impact negatively on China’s international image, and it would be more difficult for Beijing to secure control over Taiwan.

Given these risks, it is important for China to come to a peaceful solution to the Taiwan Straits issue.Otherwise, the potential for a military conflict could become a reality.

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