GF Vip, the gesture of Manila Nazzaro for her unborn child

There are pains that cannot be overcome, that remain there – silent – to wear us out inside. That’s what happened to Manila Nazzaro al GF VIP, still struggling with the memory of the child she was expecting from her partner Lorenzo Amoruso and who, unfortunately, she lost in a miscarriage. The former Miss Italy has let herself go to the umpteenth confession with Patrizia Pellegrino, new competitor, who has shown great understanding and empathy.

GF Vip, the gesture of Manila Nazzaro

The showgirl has repeatedly talked about the tragedy experienced by the loss of the child, sought and ardently desired to complete the family she wanted to form with the former footballer Lorenzo Amoruso. Unfortunately, this dream could not come true, but the love felt for that creature never came into the world he never died and he will never get lost: “I’m a little down, they are days like this, of thoughts and anniversaries, I could have been a mother”.

The announcement ofmiscarriage it took place at the end of 2020, when – with his partner – he wanted to reveal to the world that he was got pregnant but that she had lost her little girl, whom they had already decided to call Greta: “And so we greet this 2020, a year marked by uncertainty, distance and pain for many. For me and Lorenzo it was at the same time the year of awareness of our love, simple, strong, clear, but which also left us a deep pain, when a few weeks ago we lost our baby “.

One year after this terrible loss, which caused an emotional tear in her that she still carries inside, Manila Nazzaro he wanted to remember his little girl and make a symbolic gesture that aroused great emotion. With Patrizia Pellegrino, in fact, he decided to free a balloon in the air, perhaps to reach that soul who has never known this world but who lived, and still lives, in the heart of his parents.

The love of Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso

Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso form one of the most close-knit couples on TV. Already great protagonists of Temptation Island, the two have repeatedly given proof of their union also during this experience al GF VIP, where Amoruso entered to spend a few hours with his partner and reiterate that he is the love of his life.

The former footballer had also intervened to try to appease the pain of Manila, still very shaken by the abortion and eager to have another child after the Nicolas and Francesco Pio, had by her ex-husband Francesco Cozza. Amoruso invited her to forget, not to blame herself and to live the family they built together and which would no longer need further confirmation.


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