God of War Ragnarök: 6 interesting things to know about this sequel

If there is one game that everyone is looking forward to, it’s God of War Ragnarök. Durant the Playstation Showcase September 9, we were entitled to a little more information on the next adventures of Kratos. Our friends back home Kotaku, took stock of the title.

God of War Ragnarok 05 10 09 2021

So, if you missed them, here is six little things to know about this new episode.

  1. The game will be a single shot

    Just like its predecessor from 2018, the game will be in sequence as confirmed by Matt Sophos (Writer/Story Lead) on Twitter.

    This technique is used in order to be able to capture the player’s attention as well as possible and to leave him with a strong and unforgettable memory.

  2. A new director at the helm

    Cory Barlog, who led the God of War of 2018. He is replaced by Eric Williams who has worked on the series (since 2004). Barlog of course works on Ragnarök and talked about their (special) relationship at IGN :

    There were some tough times, I’ll be honest, where he was like, “Hey, I think you’re ruining this part. Check it out again “, I would say” okay, go fuck yourself “, and I would walk out of the office and then come back 10 minutes later, and I would be like” damn, you’re right. . Let me see that again ”. Then other times he would say, “Hey, I thought about that passage. It should surely not be given as much importance as what I said ”.

  3. Thor won’t be the only popular god present

    What is certain is that Thor greatly fueled the hype around the arrival of the game. But he will not be the only Nordic deity known to the general public sinceOdin will also occupy a significant place in history. The son and the father have heard of the massacres committed by the “main character”, and they are far from delighted …
  4. You will finally be able to visit the entire 9 kingdoms

    Norse mythology is known for its 9 kingdoms. However, the 2018 game only let you visit six of them namely: Alfheim, Helheim, Jotunheim, Midgard, Muspelheim and Nilfheim. The other three will finally have their hours of glory, namely: Svartalfheim, Vanaheim and the one we no longer present Asgard. Fear not, you won’t spend two-thirds of the title revisiting places you’ve already explored, but you should expect plenty of changes inside of them. So no déjà vu on the horizon.

  5. The fights will be more vertical

    In the last trailer, Kratos use des Blades of Chaos to climb, hold onto, move … In this new production, the adventure will not take place only on a “flat” plane. Eric Williams has stipulated to IGN that the title will include a certain “degree of verticality, while specifying that there will be a“ king of the hill ”type combat mode.

  6. Still no release date …

    And yes it is not always possible to end with good news … The game will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but there is no specific release date, all we know is is that the title will see the light of day in 2022 (if all goes well). Patience, patience …

In the meantime, you can get hold of God of War on PlayStation 4 on Amazon for only 13 €.

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