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Have a healthy diet according to experts – Having an ideal body weight is everyone’s dream.

Besides being more pleasing to the eye, ideal body weight can also prevent us from various dangerous diseases.

As is known, being overweight can lead to serious diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

To gain the ideal weight, usually people will go on a diet.

But unfortunately, many of these people are still on an unhealthy diet.

Instead of losing weight, the body can actually experience bad things.

For that, we are recommended to do a healthy diet according to experts.

Then how do the experts recommend a healthy diet?

Listen to the end!

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The best way to lose weight scientifically

The good news is that there are some scientifically best ways to lose weight.

Check out some of the explanations for the study.

1. Limit refined carbohydrates

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found the best way to lose weight scientifically.

The study claims that you can lose weight by limiting refined carbohydrates.

Then focus on options that contain nutrients such as fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

This means that you don’t need to reduce the amount of food you eat, but you just need to eat higher quality foods.

2. Not reduced, but pay attention to the type of food

Meanwhile, experts from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health say that one should pay attention to what types of food are consumed, rather than controlling how much food is eaten, if you want to see the expected results from a healthy diet.

Launching Eat This, Wednesday (10/27/2021) in general, eating foods low in fiber, low in protein, and carbohydrates such as corn, sweets, and white bread stimulates hormonal responses that lead to fat accumulation in the body.

This research also shows that when hunger increases, the body’s metabolic system slows down.

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When your metabolism slows down, it’s harder for your body to process food to produce energy.

Thus, there is a decrease in muscle mass and the body stores more fat layers.

So people don’t appear to be gaining weight just because they eat too many calories.

Eat the right kind of food

Researchers explain that when you limit refined carbohydrates and focus on choices that contain nutrients such as fiber, protein, and healthy fats, you may see better weight loss results than other traditional diet methods.

Therefore, instead of just eating a piece of toasted white bread with jam for breakfast, choose a whole grain type such as oats or bread with a mixture of sliced ​​avocado or butter.

Then, you can also replace candy with fruit or nuts as a healthy snack.

You can eat meat and vegetables to complete a healthy diet.

However, many refined grains increase blood sugar levels in the body, but not all refined grains are produced in the same way.

Therefore you have to be selective in choosing snacks when you want to lose weight.

Better to avoid this food…

When you choose a diet menu to lose weight, avoid certain types of food.

For example, white bread, refined sugar, cakes, candy, soda, potato chips, crackers made from refined flour, and donuts.

Keep in mind, a healthy lifestyle such as quality sleep, managing stress, and doing lots of physical activity is very important to support the desired weight loss.

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