Goodbye, regime! The miracle pill that weakens you just as you sit on the couch

The two researchers say they have discovered a cure for obesity that, in addition to reducing appetite and feeling hungry, could help keep you fit without the need for exercise.

The remedy for fat is called Lac-Phe and is actually a molecule that could fight obesity by reducing food intake and feeling hungry, it shows in an article published in Moreover, according to people who have discovered this molecule, you may not need to go to the gym anymore. It’s not a joke, it’s true, two researchers from the most prestigious universities in the United States.

“It has been shown that exercise can help with weight loss,” says Yong Xu, one of the leaders. From experience, Lac-Phe drastically reduced food intake and obesity and, according to scientists, could replace the need for topics to go away. at the gym.

Jonathan Long, a colleague of Young Xi, says that “for example, the elderly or frail may benefit from a drug that helps fight osteoporosis, heart disease and a number of problematic conditions.” The results, published in the journal Nature, also shed new light on the link between exercise and hunger.

“We all know that exercise is good for our health. It’s helpful for controlling body weight and glucose,” Long continued, “but we wanted to dig deeper into the concept: we wanted to see if we could dissect exercise in terms. two molecules. “mouse after an intense run on the carpet, from which. an amino acid called Lac-Phe has been identified, a synthesis from lactate, a by-product associated with intense exercise, responsible for the burning sensation of muscle, and from phenylalanine, a block of protein.

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