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Everything indicates that Google TV could integrate free streaming channels very soon. This is all we know so far about this possible move.

Beyond the conventional television channels available on DTT, we have at our disposal an infinity of free channels that can be seen by streaming from the computer or Smart TV.

For example, Samsung integrates into its televisions Smart TV Plus, an entertainment platform with more than 100 free channels of news, sports, series and movies that users can watch whenever they want without paying anything.

Everything indicates that Google wants to join this trend. If the rumors are correct, the Big G plans to offer free television channels on Google TV, the new user interface that operates on Android TV. The new Chromecast of 2020 was the first device to have this new interface, and today it is also present in some Sony and TCL televisions.

At least that is what a report from the specialized media Protocol says, which ensures that those from Mountain View are negotiating with different companies that distribute these types of channels.

Although the Chromecast is the most used device, there are a series of alternatives that allow us to convert any TV into a SmartTV with ease.

We are talking about conventional format channels that broadcast linear content (not on demand), with advertising breaks to show ad units. This format is known as FAST channels for its acronym in English (Free, Ad-supported Streaming Transmission, Free Television with Advertising, in Spanish).

According to the report, users who Chromecast with Google TV will be able to browse the channels through a live TV menu, similar to the one now used to offer access to the YouTube TV subscription service and other TV platforms from payment.

In the case of televisions with Google TV, it is expected that the new streaming channels will be presented along with the usual programming that can be seen on the air.

Therefore, It will not be necessary to install anything on the device and the contents can be accessed directly.

You can enjoy video games on Chromecast both alone and with friends, and it is one of the best experiences to start a great party at home.

If the rumors are right free channels will hit Google TV this fall, Although it is also possible that the company will wait until early 2022 to announce the initiative together with its partners.

At the moment Google has not confirmed this information, so we will have to wait to find out what is true in all this.

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