Gordon Ramsay, what a physicist! The secret? Love for triathlon

The famous Scottish chef especially loves running and cycling, even training for 8 hours on Sundays. With a past as a talented young footballer, the 54-year-old now splits his time between restaurants, TV shows and lots of sport

Gordon Ramsay is a very famous Scottish chef, known to the general public for programs such as Hell’s Kitchen, Cucine da Incubo or MasterChef Usa. He currently holds 7 Michelin stars, but in total he has even reached 17, demonstrating his incredible talent in cooking and managing restaurants. Few people know, however, that the cook is a super enthusiast of triathlon and that, after losing over 20 kilos in about 6 years, he has increasingly increased the “professionalization” of his training by competing in marathons, ultramarathons and Ironman. Some injuries have complicated the sports seasons of the TV star now close to 55, but he has always done everything to get back on his feet and continue running, swimming and riding a bike. A passion that now also shares his wife Tana and one of the children, Jack.

First the ball –

Gordon Ramsay’s feeling with sport goes back a long time, even predating cooking. In fact, the Scotsman approached the kitchen in adolescence, shortly before giving up his dream of a footballer. And Johnstone’s native of Scotland was an excellent talent, so much so that he was selected by the Glasgow Rangers to join the youth sector. Unfortunately, a serious double injury leads the young Ramsay to hang up his boots and so, in Great Britain, begins the long climb of what is now known as one of the most “hellish” chefs in the world.

The transformation –

Leaving aside his career in the kitchen and focusing on the sports and food side, it was a very evident physical change that allowed Gordon Ramsay to raise the level of his performance in sports competitions. He has never loved a sedentary life and has always tried to play sports, but in his moment of greatest splendor he was forced to travel continuously to every corner of the world to follow his restaurants. Less time to keep fit, a few extra pounds. Becoming overweight, then it was a particular memory that spurred him on: “My father died of a heart attack at the age of 53 – he said in several interviews – and I told myself that I would have liked to be there longer for my children”. Considering him the “unhealthy” diets, in terms of nutrition he simply married the Asian habit of eating 4-5 times a day and then almost completely eliminated milk and cheese. The rest did the training: “I’m lucky to be able to eat more, given how much I burn”. So he lost about twenty kilos and his body was defined. Perhaps today you don’t notice the change immediately but, if with a little zapping you happen to be on images of his reality shows or talent shows from about ten years ago, the difference immediately catches the eye.

In competition –

The races, the rupture of the Achilles tendon, the rehabilitation and again the races. The common thread of all this transformation is the passion for running and cycling, often combined with swimming in triathlon. And, on his social media accounts, the chef never hides how much he loves to move, especially now that he has loosened his grip compared to the times when he was always and only occupied with his creations. As many as 15 London marathons are already in the archive, as well as 5 ultramarathons, a couple of top-level competitions in his Los Angeles and several Ironman. In this latest tough competition, one year he ended up collapsing: “I was an idiot. I trained 25 hours a week, but I overtrained and ended up in an ambulance ”. Errors of inexperience, perhaps, but then it was the rupture of the Achilles tendon that complicated his “career” four years ago. To best overcome it, Ramsay decided to invest in a special anti-gravity treadmill that allows effective rehabilitation by limiting the load on the joint. Little by little he started again and went wild on a bicycle with which, by his own admission, “no one is bothering you”. Only one problem, the pain caused by the seat: “I have never been able to overcome it. I asked the cyclist Mark Cavendish for advice and he replied that, over time, the skin there becomes as hard as that of a rhinoceros ”.

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