Guest: Chérif Ghemmour, for his book “Remontada, panorama of the craziest football comebacks”

Published on : 14/10/2021 – 19:29

After Newcastle, does Saudi Arabia have a project similar to that of the City Group, the UAE structure that owns a galaxy of clubs? Is there a vast project behind the takeover of the “Magpies”? Rumors of a takeover of OM are resurfacing, the Saudi sovereign fund could also set its sights on Inter Milan.

When the impossible becomes possible!

The “remountada” has entered the dictionary, it has even gone beyond the framework of football! Popularized in France after the rout of PSG against Barça four and a half years ago, the term is now used after each footballing turnaround. In Comeback, our colleague Chérif Ghemmour has selected 20 which are now part of history, they took place in championships, in the World Cup, but also at the CAN!

The enigma Sergio Ramos

The former merengue is expected by his coach, but his return to the Champions League seems very uncertain. Juan Bernat, is the other long-time injured at PSG. The club will also not be able to field Kaylor Navas against Angers. Other absences of the moment: Raphaël Varane, Mike Maignan in selection. Are they playing too much?

Furiani’s drama in 1992

There will be no more professional football matches played on May 5, after the vote in Parliament.

The meeting of legends

Yesterday, in Marseille, with among others Didier Drogba and Basile Boli, a rain of goals and funds collected by Unicef.

Annie Gasnier will debate with Carine Galli, Chériff Ghemmour and Salim Baungally. Technique / realization : Laurent Salerno – Preparation David Fintzel / Pierre Guérin.


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