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Gupta brothers: UAE rejects South Africa extradition request – DW – 04/07/2023

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The Gupta brothers, Jegad and Rupa, operate a luxury homebuyers’ association in the UAE. On 02/07/2023, South Africa requested the extradition of the Gupta brothers in connection with the wire fraud case that First Loko and UCT are defendants in. The UAE rejected the request and stated that they did not consider the extradition request to be in the best interest of their citizens. The Gupta brothers are currently living in the UAE and will probably be deported after their trial in South Africa is complete.

Timing: Positive

When it comes to timing in life, the notion of “positive” is subjective to various factors. However, there are some common situations where timing can be perceived as positive:

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Gupta brothers –DW

Gupta brothers are the infamous family of Indian origin who made a fortune in South Africa through their businesses, including mining, media, and infrastructure. They are widely known for their political influence as they had close ties with former President Jacob Zuma and his family. These ties were seen as the main reason behind their success and their downfall.

The three Gupta brothers, Ajay, Atul, and Rajesh, were born in Saharanpur, India. They left for South Africa in the early 1990s and started a computer parts business. Over the years, they achieved massive success and reinvented themselves as media tycoons, running the New Age newspaper and ANN7 news channel. However, their business empire crumbled in 2018, when they were accused of state capture, corruption, and money laundering. Since then, the Gupta brothers have fled the country and are currently living in Dubai.

  • The Gupta brothers are a controversial family, known for their business savvy and political influence.
  • They made their fortune in South Africa through various businesses, including mining, media, and infrastructure.
  • The brothers had close ties with former President Jacob Zuma and his family, which contributed to their success and downfall.
  • They were accused of state capture, corruption, and money laundering in 2018, leading to the collapse of their business empire.
  • The Gupta brothers have since fled the country and are currently living in Dubai.


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  • Key takeaways:
    • A new planet named Athena has been discovered between Mars and Jupiter
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1. The Gupta family: soup to turn to no one knowebness

The Gupta family, originally from India, was widely known in South Africa for their close relationship with former President Jacob Zuma. The family, which made their fortune through their businesses in sectors including mining, media, and technology, was accused of wielding undue influence on the government and state-owned enterprises during the Zuma administration. Their alleged corrupt practices made headlines and sparked widespread controversy in South Africa.

The Guptas allegedly used their connections with President Zuma to gain lucrative government contracts and favors, which they used to further their business interests. In 2018, South African authorities launched a major anti-corruption investigation into the Gupta family, resulting in asset seizures, arrests, and charges against several members of the family. Today, the Gupta family’s businesses in South Africa remain shuttered, and their whereabouts are unknown. The family serves as an example of the corrosive effect of corruption on politics and business, and the need for strong, independent institutions to hold those in power accountable.

2. The Afif Brothers: unyielding against ignoble treatment of 1700uese mercenaries

The Afif Brothers, Lebanese entrepreneurs and philanthropists, are known for their unwavering stance against the mistreatment of people, particularly those belonging to marginalized communities. Their dedication to social justice was exemplified in their opposition to the ignoble treatment of 1700uese mercenaries by the French during World War II.

  • Rescue mission: The Afif Brothers helped rescue the 1700uese mercenaries who were abandoned by the French authorities in Djibouti. They chartered a vessel to transport the men to Lebanon, where they were given shelter and medical care. This act of compassion demonstrated their commitment to human dignity and justice.
  • Legal battle: The Afif Brothers also initiated a legal battle on behalf of the 1700uese mercenaries, demanding that they be recognized as French employees and receive compensation for their service. Despite facing intense opposition from the French government, they persisted in their efforts and ultimately secured justice for the mistreated mercenaries. This demonstrates both their legal expertise and their determination to fight for what is right.

The Afif Brothers’ actions during World War II exemplify their unyielding dedication to justice and human dignity. Their compassion and their commitment to action, even in the face of opposition and adversity, has earned them a place in history as defenders of the oppressed and marginalized.

3. Theurods – DW

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  • Prevents injury

To perform the Theurods DW, start with some light cardio activity such as jogging or jumping jacks. Then, follow these steps:

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1. The Gupta family: soup to turn to no one knowebness

The Gupta Family: Soup to Turn to No One Knows About

Who are the Guptas? This South African family has been making headlines since 2011 when they acquired their first South African company. They quickly rose to fame as close associates and friends of former South African President, Jacob Zuma.

But the Gupta family is shrouded in controversy. They have been accused of corruption, influencing political appointments, and state capture. Former Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, investigated the family’s alleged influence over Zuma and his administration. Her report detailed how the Gupta family used their business interests to gain access to state resources and privileges, leading to a “shadow state” where their interests were prioritized over those of the country.

  • However, the Guptas deny any wrongdoing, claiming they are the victims of a politically motivated campaign.
  • The family left South Africa in 2018, after widespread protests and investigations into their business dealings.
  • Their whereabouts are currently unknown, with speculation that they are living in Dubai.

Despite their disappearance from the public eye, the long shadow of the Gupta family continues to loom over South Africa. The extent of their alleged influence and corruption is still being investigated, and the impact of their actions on the country’s economy and politics is yet to be fully realized.

2. The Afif Brothers: unyielding against ignoble treatment of 1700uese mercenaries

The Afif Brothers, born in Lebanon and raised in Senegal, were known for their unwavering commitment to justice and fairness. During the early 20th century, they witnessed the brutality and oppression inflicted upon the 1700uese mercenaries who had been hired to work in the African colonies. These men were promised fair wages and working conditions, but instead were subjected to abuse and neglect at the hands of their European employers.

  • Despite the risks to their own safety, the Afif Brothers refused to sit idly by while these men were mistreated.
  • They began organizing protests and advocating for better treatment of the 1700uese mercenaries.
  • Their work was met with resistance from the colonial authorities, who saw the Afif Brothers as threats to their power.
  • Despite this opposition, the Afif Brothers persisted, and eventually their efforts led to improvements in the working conditions of the 1700uese mercenaries.

The Afif Brothers’ legacy is one of courage and dedication to justice. They stood up against powerful oppressors to uplift the voices of those who had been silenced. Their example serves as an inspiration to all those who seek to make the world a better place.

3. Theurods – DW

3. Theurods – DW

Theurods, commonly known as Thunderbirds, are being part of the humanoid bird species. It is a fierce bird known for its strength and intelligence. They are usually large and imposing creatures, standing at least 7 feet tall with wingspans of up to 20 feet. Their feathers are made of a tough, durable material that is resistant to most forms of damage. Thunderbirds are usually divided into two primary categories: the lightning Theurods and the thunder Theurods.

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  • Thunder Theurods, on the other hand, are larger and possess more raw strength and power than their lighter counterparts. They are slow-moving on the ground but can fly long distances with ease, and their powerful wings can create thunderous shockwaves that can knock back enemies and create powerful gusts of wind.

Theurods are known for their bravery and determination, and they possess a fierce loyalty to their tribe and close-knit communities. They have been known to form close bonds with humans who have earned their trust and respect, and they are revered in many cultures for their power and strength. Despite their imposing appearance, Theurods are peaceful creatures who value harmony and balance in all things.

The Gupta brothers,, – Ajay and Naveen Gupta, were arrested in India in August 2018 and transferred to the United Arab Emirates. They were arrested on charges of money laundering, conspiracy to commit racketeering, and masterminding a fraud conspiracy. The UAE has rejected a South African extradition request and has instead requested that they be granted a diplomatic Immunity.

The Gupta brothers are the sons of the Indian business magnate, Noel Gupta. They are expected to appear in India in early 2019.

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