Haier pokes fun at home appliances market Set a sales target for this year to exceed ten thousand million.

Haier pokes fun at home appliances market Set a sales target for this year to exceed ten thousand million.

Mr. Thanet Bin Asan, Executive Vice President of Haier Electrical Appliances (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that the direction of marketing Haier electrical appliances in 2022, the company has invested a budget of 850 million baht, an increase from the year 2021, which was spent by 650 million baht in marketing communication campaigns, both offline and online media

However, from the Haier brand Conducted a survey on consumer behavior through social media (Social Media) and found various needs (Insight) Customer centricity is used to develop products and services to meet the target group. Including bringing in marketing communications. In the first quarter, the highlight was to reinforce the concept of “Haier Inspired Living, your living is our inspiration”, as well as set a goal to drive Haier to become Being the answer to everyone’s home appliances

“Increasing the market budget Because Haier is confident that the Thai electrical appliance market can still expand. In addition, brands are able to offer products and services that meet the needs of the target audience exactly. It will be an important part of the company’s success in 2022.”

Mr. Thanet said that for advertising creatives can be divided into 2 parts: 1. Television commercials (TVC) presented in the concept of Level up, raising your quality of life with Haier. The company has electrical appliances that meet the lifestyle of smart life (Smart life) is convenient. With technologies such as Easy Internet Connectivity (IoT) and smart homes. To present online in 2 series, namely Haier Spy and Haier Better than Yesterday, which want to present the brand Identity and main functions of Haier products. Because people’s lifestyles change every day. And are always looking for better things to make life better, more convenient, easier and happier. Let Haier be the answer to your home.

“This year, the focus of Haier communication is to reinforce the Haier Inspired Living concept. Your lifestyle is our inspiration throughout the first quarter. To carry on the mission of being the answer to electrical products in every home unique Functionality to answer every lifestyle to change the everyday life of consumers to be more comfortable Answer the happiness in life”

As for product marketing guidelines in 2022, the company continues to launch new electrical appliances in every category, such as Haier air conditioners. There will be a new technology like UVC Sterilization. that can destroy the genetic material (DNA or RNA) of viruses and bacteria effectively Haier refrigerator Added more than 25 new products (SKUs) Haier washing machine front loading model 4 series and top loading model 3 series.

17 TV models The highlight is to launch a model HQLED 4K TV with a virtual display feature with Dolby vision. Add a small product line Penetrate the high-end market to meet customers who live at home or condominiums and Haier small appliances There will be 34 new products, adding a line of coffee machines and hoods, etc. The new products will focus on capturing more high-end or high-end markets.

Mr. Thanet said that aggressive marketing Haier wants to drive more market share in all categories of electrical appliances. Including stimulating sales in 2022 to soar to 10,564 million baht as the target set. From 2021, the company had total sales of 7,921 million baht, a growth of 29%, contrary to the total market growth of only 0.3%, including sales through e-commerce channels. achieved 643 million baht, growing 132%, with air conditioners and refrigerators leading the market with a share of 15% and 27%, respectively, while the new brand “Candy” generated sales of 250 million baht, higher than the target of Set a value of 100 million baht after only one year of marketing.

“Haier’s success We have service before and after sales. There are aggressive marketing activities throughout the year. has to adapt all the time to the situation Including the use of a 3 in 1 strategy that has 3 important elements. From the factory part with product research and development, sales department and good marketing. Meet the needs of customers At the same time, the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic caused the company to change the work in the organization. To be more flexible, flexible or Agile. Coordinate with distributors to sell products. Trying to communicate marketing through various channels, both offline and online.”

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