Half the World Cup team in floorball debutants: “Many who have quit”

Emelie Wibron made a comeback this spring after giving birth to her second child. On his return, the 29-year-old immediately felt the hot air in the Swedish Championship play-offs and won gold with the Umeå team Thorengruppen.

Laying off was never on the map for the national team veteran who is charging for her sixth World Cup floorball tournament, this time at home in Uppsala, where she is the most experienced player in the Swedish squad.

– It was quite a given for me to continue playing, I had thought that during the whole pregnancy. It was just fun that I had time to be with a little in the spring. But now I am happy that I get to be part of the whole season this year, she says.

In the World Cup squad is available also routine in players like Moa Tschöp, Amanda Delgado Johansson and Cornelia Fjellstedt, but otherwise, in championship contexts, there are many new faces. As many as ten players – half the team – have never played a World Cup before

– Unfortunately, there are quite a few who have stopped playing since the last World Cup. That is the reason. There are unusually many World Cup debutants this year, but at the same time they have had time to be with the national team for a couple of years and felt what it is like to face the best teams so I think we feel well prepared, says Emelie Wibron and continues:

– It is a mix of experienced and new. I’m probably the one who’s been with the longest. I hope to contribute my experience and spread some peace. Then I hope to contribute on the pitch to us winning matches.

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At the same time, it is a little worrying that so many have ended their careers since the gold in the WC 2019, Wibron thinks. Not least considering that six of the eight who put the club on the shelf are younger than 30 years, which Expressen reported on previously.

Is it difficult for many girls to continue playing after the 30 mark because other things become more important?

– Yes, unfortunately it will be so. It could be that you want to spend time with your family or a career on the side. It’s sad, it would be fun if there were more people who played after they turned 30. But it is clear that it is a challenge to make everyday life go together and be able to focus on everything.

At the same time, floorball has on the women’s side has moved towards an increasingly professional development and Wibron believes that future generations will have greater opportunities to play longer.

– Yes, I think so. I think that those who reach the highest level now and have ten years ahead of them may feel much better conditions than what you yourself have had to do.

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Despite a largely inexperienced squad of players and sharper competition from other teams, Emelie Wibron thinks that there is much to suggest that Sweden takes its eighth straight World Cup gold in Uppsala.

– I think we have good chances to take it home, but especially against Finland we will have a very tough time. We meet them already in the group and will get to know them immediately. Then I think Switzerland will also be tough to face.

Would it be good for the sport if Sweden did not win this time?

– I will probably never feel so right, says Emelie Wibron with a laugh. It’s fun if we are put to the test properly as long as we still win in the end, but I will never say that it is good for the sport if we lose a gold. I want to win all the time as long as I play.

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