Half will wear face masks after the pandemic

In a recent survey conducted by YouGov for Farmasiet, 55 percent answered that they will use face masks during “periods of high prevalence of colds, flu and other infectious diseases”, regardless of what the health authorities recommend.

Professor of medical microbiology and infection control expert Ørjan Olsvik at UiT, for his part, believes that widespread use of face masks will not be necessary to overcome these diseases.

MOUTHBIND: Ørjan Olsvik believes that it is not necessary to have a sanitary napkin order against diseases such as influenza. Photo: Nils Ole Refvik / TV 2

– The use we have had now was aimed at the coronavirus, and a general use of face masks I do not think will be relevant here in Norway.

He says, however, that it can be “okay to take it on if there are big outbreaks”.

But he does not want a bandage order.

– No, I do not mean that we should do that. I believe that we should let this be about great voluntariness, and when we realize that it has an effect, says the microbiologist.


The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has also announced that we may have a “violent flu season” ahead. Olsvik is also not particularly worried about the consequences of this.

– It is clear that many will have a reduced defense, since they have not been exposed to some cold viruses. But I do not see it as a big problem.

Olsvik says that the YouGov survey shows that the Norwegian population realizes that the advice that has come from the health authorities during the corona pandemic has generally been good.

He also emphasizes that the mouthpiece has been an important part of Norway’s defense against the coronavirus.

– We laughed a bit at the Chinese when we saw that they walked around with face masks, but we now see that this has actually worked.

FHI warns: More people are infected with the common cold virus

– It is quite effective in preventing you from infecting others. So those who are ill will have a great effect of the mouthpiece, but it has less effect if you want to protect yourself from infection.


The director of operations at Pharmasiet, Stig Henning Pedersen, says that they were “surprised” that about half of the population is positive about continuing to use the bandage on their own initiative.

He believes, like Olsvik, that it is due to “the fact that most people discovered that there was less illness in general after the mandatory bandage was introduced”.

52 percent of the respondents answer that they want to use the mouthpiece so as not to infect second.

– We know that the mouthpiece in Japan is used as a way to show respect for others, and as proof that you protect your own health. So it’s a little fun to see that we may have got some Japanese trends in Norway as well. Actually, it just shows that we respect each other, and that is very positive, says Pedersen.

SURPRISED: Stig Henning Pedersen says that it was unexpected that so many are still positive about the bandage.  Photo: Screenshot / TV 2

SURPRISED: Stig Henning Pedersen says that it was unexpected that so many are still positive about the bandage. Photo: Screenshot / TV 2

About 30 percent answer that they will only use face masks if the authorities recommend it.

Hand alcohol

Pedersen says that according to the survey, it is women who are most interested in using face masks to protect others, and that those in the oldest group in society are most concerned with protecting themselves.

He also emphasizes that people in their early 20s are concerned with protecting others.

– One thing is a bandage, but hand alcohol, do you think it has come to stay?

– In this survey, we did not ask about it, but I think it can indicate the, and that one is concerned with prevention. I also think that shops and restaurants will continue to put out the hand alcohol.

– You do not fear that people will be overly scared, then?

– No, I do not think so. We also see that society is in the process of returning to a more normal state, otherwise we would hardly have wanted to socialize as we have done, Pedersen answers.

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